Wednesday, October 22, 2014

"A Universe at War"

Jesus tells us repeatedly in The Bible to: “Fear Not and Believe Him only.” Are you following His commands? Satan is pushing his global agenda of chaos, confusion and terrorism into our souls daily because he is well aware that his kingdom of darkness is ending. We can see evidence of the enemy’s attempts to steal our peace through wars and rumors of wars. From the horrific brutality of ISIS to the continuing conflict between Russia and the Ukraine, to the financial disasters being forecast and the earthquakes and other severe weather in diverse places, it is clear the world is in tribulation. However, those are all visible events. Directly above us, in the invisible spirit realm, there is a universe at war that began in the heavens millennia ago, only to land on earth and be fast forwarded to this very moment in time by supernatural beings intent on defeating God Almighty and destroying mankind. Charley West explains in our radio series, Believing Fear Instead of Jesus. Series runs until November 7th, 2014th on

Grace Revolution?
Or Deadly Deception?
Robert B. Scott

Grace Revolution?—Or Deadly Deception?

This is the foundational, life-saving book in these days when millions are being swept away by an apostasy that opens the door for the man of lawlessness, whom Jesus destroys. Many pastors, leaders, and saints have fallen for this deception and for unity with a mother church that wants her protesting daughters back. Our e-book exposes this dangerous heresy. Click HERE to order your copy today!



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