Wednesday, April 23, 2014

"The Mysteries Every Believer Should Know"

'The Mysteries Every Believer Should Know'

Jesus told his inner circle, the disciples, that it wasn’t for the world to know the mysteries of the Kingdom of God. Even the Christian world doesn’t grasp them. Only the elect and the very elect keep the laws of the Kingdom, and especially the Sabbath covenant, an open door to the mysteries of the Kingdom (Psalm 111:10). Only a few who obey and have chosen to walk in the Spirit of faith, who will not fall for the growing popularity of the grace revolution, will know those mysteries. Click HERE to buy our new e-book, Grace Revolution?Or Deadly Deception? if you want to avoid this lawless deception and rebellion, and if you want to know what every believer should know. Series runs until May 9th, 2014th on



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