Tuesday, November 25, 2014

"Born For An Emotional Roller Coaster"

We live in an age where most people wear their emotions on their sleeves, ready to erupt in anger or cursing at a moment’s notice. How about you? Are you a believer in Jesus who knows your identity? Do you put your spirit man before your soul and body? Do you allow the Holy Spirit to dictate what you will feel and say? Or do you allow your emotions to lead, throwing self-control to the wind? Anger-rage is connected with the spirit of perversion, and venting in anger-rage gives one a sexual high. Emotional ranting and cursing negatively affect those around you. It’s time to reign in our emotions as we allow our spirits to be led by the Holy Spirit so love, joy, and peace can be displayed and bless us and those with whom we deal. Series begins December 5th, 2014th on FreedomTruthSeekers.com.



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