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Return to the Father's Heart
So the Earth Will Survive
Robert B. Scott

Return to the Father’s Heart

This crucial book will pave the way for the of coming Elijah of Malachi 4:5-6, who is prophesied to bring today’s absent fathers toward their neglected or jettisoned children and bring the heart of believers back to their Father in heaven. The book offers a solution to a pervasive problem among men today: their inability to forgive abusive fathers. This modern-day Elijah will “restore all things” (Mat. 17:11), including the true gospel of the Kingdom or Family of God, revealing the dangerous error of the grace revolution leading to the appearance of the man of lawlessness, an evil leader who will fight the second coming of Jesus. Click HERE to order your copy today!



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Freedom Blog


Important notice to all who submit questions to our blogs:
We acknowledge that you need in some cases immediate answers of reassurance. Please know that you are being prayed for. When we receive news like some of you submit, it takes time for us deal with the shock and pain the losses that have affected you cause us. Our prayer warriors prefer giving you answers gained through prayer and compassion rather than through emotions. Know that there are those who immediately begin praying for those faced with difficult situations. They wait to see who the Holy Spirit wants to respond to each individual. We thank you for your understanding and patience.

Shabbat Shalom! Pastor Robert Scott

The Triple Connection


            We asked our Father Love what new congregations needed to understand first and foremost as a basis of their lives as believers. He responded: forgiveness, identity in Jesus, and the Sabbath.

            Those of us who have kept the Sabbath have realized the connection between these three teachings and practices. Allow me to explain.

            God calls the Sabbath an identifying sign, a sign of who He is and who we are in Him. It’s a sign “that you may know that I am [the Eternal, the “I am”] who sanctifies you” (Ex. 31:13).

            A threefold connection exists in these three main teachings a new believer needs to understand and that few believers have ever accepted. Obviously, Jesus understood this connection. Luke 4:16 says that He kept the Sabbath “as was His custom…” He promptly opened the part of the scroll that established his identity as the Son of God, anointed to preach the gospel of the Kingdom.

            The Sabbath in the understanding of the Hebrew letters in the word has the following meaning: return to the covenant or cross. For Jesus it meant to return to His covenant with His Father so He would do and say what He saw His Father say and do. His intimacy with the Father was based in the weekly reminder of His identity in the Sabbath, His oneness with the “I am.” He knew He had been set apart by His Father. Being one with the “I am,” He knew that He was the “I am.”

             His identification with the “I am” costs him His life and His reputation. His brothers and sisters thought he was crazy and said so. Imagine the challenge.

            I don’t have to imagine it. I was attacked with a life-threatening illness in 1986. God saved me in His mercy from sure death, my former wife being told to prepare for burying me in three hours. God didn’t let me die, but because of my unforgiveness to a ministerial boss, there was a delay. This boss had challenged my identity, which I didn’t understand as a son of my Father Love and a brother of Jesus. That situation obliged my Father to allow problems to bring me back to Him.

            I went through twelve years of severe mental illness, wanting to kill myself several times. To this day, twenty years after all who really know me also know I was healed, my immediate family doesn’t think I am healed. Even my family in my native U.S. thinks I am still mentally ill.

            As Jesus lives in me, I must call on my Father’s gift of forgiveness to forgive my family, my birth family and the family of my first marriage. Jesus did. He forgave his siblings who cursed him with mental illness. He went through everything we could possibly go through.

             The key to the forgiveness Jesus displayed every day of His life was identity. He knew who He was. And that identity was refreshed and solidified every Sabbath day as He was reminded of who His Father was and who He was in Him.

            He didn’t allow Himself to be overwhelmed by the opinion of his family and the religious establishment, who called him demon-possessed.

            Our Father has taught us to lay down our problems every Friday just before the Sabbath so we could enter into the joy of the Sabbath and have our identity refreshed every week. If we don’t follow that command, we can easily be overwhelmed by our weekly challenges.

            God gives also the new moons to lay down our long-term burdens so we don’t have to carry them throughout our lives. We have a “Christian” world that has forgotten the covenant and the cross it represents.

            Today, we can emphasize the meaning of the word Shabbat that means, “return to the cross.” Jesus laid down His life for us to give us a new day every day, even if we murdered someone the day before. God always gives us a new day, and a true believer will always forgive us and give us a new day. God forgets our sin. Although a believer may not forget the offense, he or she will not bring it up and considers it as a past that doesn’t exist.

            That’s how God want us to consider ourselves, forgiven as if we had never sinned. And that’s where the problem is. Often we can’t forgive ourselves, so God can’t therefore forgive us. He delivers us to the demonic tormentors to drive us back to Him.

            You can see why God told us the first teaching that is most important is forgiveness, especially forgiveness of ourselves so we can walk in our identity.

             We can finally accept the identity we have in Jesus. Our Father said to Him before He did any mighty works, “This is My beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased.”

            When we accept our Father’s grace to forgive ourselves and others, we can then return to the cross, realizing that Jesus’ blood makes us exactly like Jesus. We can know that our Father sees us like He sees Jesus—exactly. As He is, so are we (1 John 4:17).

            John understood. Maybe that’s why he lived so long. He called himself “the disciple Jesus loved.” That’s who each of us believers are, if we will only recognize our identity. It’s easier for Sabbath keepers to understand this truth, but many Sabbath keepers haven’t accepted what their Father offers them—the grace to forgive others and themselves. This is why God told us forgiveness is the first thing.

            A Sabbath keeper should understand His identity in Jesus as a beloved son of Father Love, and he should have understood his need to forgive himself and give himself a new day every day. David was a man after God’s own heart. He gave himself a new day after committing adultery and murdering the husband of the woman he slept with.

            He didn’t live a live feeling sorry for himself and his fate. Jesus redeemed the situation, allowing him to marry that woman. Jesus had to allow the death of his young son because He hadn’t come to shed His blood to break curses, even from God.

            Today we can return to the cross on the Sabbath day, allowing ourselves to see ourselves as totally forgiven with our sins forgotten and erased by our Father because of Jesus’ blood. God has given us everything in the Sabbath day, identity and forgiveness, if only we will take advantage of it. Shabbat shalom!






TV Evangelist Mixes Apples and Oranges Pastor Robert Scott


A famous TV evangelist recently gave a sermon entitled, "Love Has No Loopholes,” and yet his message was full of loopholes to avoid keeping God’s laws. He put “apples and oranges” in the same basket. He started by quoting Matthew 22:37-40, implying that these two commandments “encapsule” (sic, the implication was to replace) the law and the commandments of God. He contrasts the law and the love of God, when in reality they are the same. He lumped together the law of sacrifices and other physical laws with the Feast of Unleavened Bread. In other words, just love with all you being and you will automatically keep all the other laws. That’s misleading, deceptive, and totally false. Read why…

God clearly shows a distinction between ceremonial laws and His eternal laws. In referring to sacrifices, He says those laws relate only to “food and drink [offerings] and various washings, regulations for the body imposed until a time of reformation. But when Christ appeared…” (Heb. 9:10-11a). Jesus did away for the need of sacrifices and ritual washings, but He said not to think He came to abolish the law (Mat. 5:17).

Even Paul said the law was good and that the important thing was not circumcision, but the keeping of the commandments of God (1 Coe. 7:19). Leviticus 23 calls the feasts Jesus’ feasts, not Jewish feasts. They are commanded holy days, not to be confused with sacrifices. For those don’t believe in living by every word of God (Mat. 4:4), even the New Testament commands us to celebrate the Feast of Unleavened Bread (1 Cor. 5;7-8).

People like to mix “apples and oranges” to confuse the issue and teach lawlessness (Mat. 24:12; Jude 4). Don’t fall for this deception.

What is the most important truth we can know? Pastor Robert Scott
I believe the most important truth we can know is that our Father love us. We love because He first loved us. We are part of the Family of Love. When we know God loves us, nothing can stop us. The Father, who alone of the Godhead has never stepped into time, has never been in Satan's entropy time, has foreseen all that has happened to us, and still love us with an unconditional love love, loving us as He loves Jesus (John 17:23). He says He will send a modern-day Elijah (Mal. 4) to bring our hearts back to Father Love. Time is short, but not too short for God to do His work, his amazing, end-time work. He is faithful even though His church has not been. He will show His love to His people in these last days.

How Can You Communicate Love in a Practical Way? Pastor Robert Scott
God says blessed are they who do (His commandments; Ps. 111:10). Faith without good works is dead. We must allow Jesus in us to do the works of love to others in our lives, our mates, our family, our church brethren, and even our enemies. How do we do these works in a practical, concrete way? Should we discern and respect others' "love languages," the things that communicate love to them?

Questions from Singapore Pastor Robert Scott

Peter from Singapore sent us these questions this morning. Here are the questions and the answers, principally on law and grace.
Dear Pastor,

1) Thank you very much for your teaching.

2) Tonight I was sharing with my wife and two children about grace and just talking about your ministry, and I wrote to ask about full measure of grace.

3) our son asked, if OT was of law n NT was grace, he recalled there was this story in Acts 5, where a couple was stuck died one after another having found to be dishonest "BUT A certain man named Ananias with his wife Sapphira sold a piece of property, (Acts 5:1 AMP)"

4) His question to me was if God shows grace in NT to believers why was such punishments? I told him I couldn’t answer. But I promised him should I get a response from you for the first question I will pose his question to you.

5) I will be grateful if you could share your thoughts on Ananias and Sapphira. Thank you and may God continues to bless you n your ministry. Amen

Dear Peter,

Grace is principally the empowerment of Jesus in us to change and obey God's laws of love. The same Jesus who was the Word and the God of what men have falsely called the "Old" Testament was both the One who smote Uzza dead in 2 Samuel 6:7 for touching what God forbade because it was holy. It was at the threshing floor, symbolizing a time, our time here at the end when the wheat will be separated from the chaff. Jesus is both the God of mercy and the God of judgment. Both fall within His name of Love, as with the Father Love. They cannot tolerate sin. There is a time for mercy and a time for judgment. Ananias lied to the Holy Spirit, a very serious sin that needed to be immediately punished as an example for others.

Grace and law are not divided up the way preachers tell it. Grace in the form of Jesus in us enables us to keep the law, the same law given in the First Testament, but stricter according to Matthew 5,6, and 7, to be observed in the spirit as well as the letter. It was prophesied in Jeremiah 31 that God would make it possible for Israel, the believers, to keep the same law Jesus gave through Moses (Hebrews 8 shows it had to be the same law since it quotes Jeremiah) by His indwelling presence we call grace (I Cor. 1:4) with a big G, Jesus.

The law and grace teaching in churches today is filled with deception. You simply cannot define the First Testament as law and the New as grace. The simplest way to understand it is to see the whole Bible as the Word, who is Jesus. He is the Law and He is Grace. The word Torah in Hebrew comes from the letters that signify, “that which comes from the man on the cross.” He gave the law, and then He came to die and then live in us so we could keep it in the letter and in the spirit. He became the Grace in us that enables us, unlike ancient Israel, to keep the law of love. The First Words of Jesus are the First Testament and the Last Words of Jesus are the Second or New Testament. The New Covenant is based on the same Ten Commandments as the Old Covenant. There were 613 laws in the First Testament, and there are 613 in the New. We cannot keep all of them without the Grace, Jesus, within us.

Jesus and the Holy Spirit’s actions in Acts 5 are not inconsistent at all with His actions in the First Testament. He is the same forever (Heb. 13:8). Your son is perceptive, and He sees through the errors and inconsistencies of the modern church, which is infected with over 9000 doctrines of demons. The dividing of law and grace and not seeing how they work together and how the whole Bible fits together is a major doctrine of demons. The main problem is that Christians don’t know the real Jesus since they see the Father as the mean, cruel God of the “Old” Testament rather than being as He is in fact the same Jesus who came to die for us and live in us by His grace to keep the law. When we see the same God, Jesus, who came to reveal the Father, who has the same character and outlook as Jesus, as the God of both testaments, no contradiction exists. Both grace and law are embodied in God’s character and name of Love. He shows mercy and He judges because of love.

The Power of Faith Working by Love Pastor Robert Scott

We were finally able to attach a pdf of the Atonement sermon Friday on the radio site blog post, Atonement. It's at the very top in bold blue type as a link. Freedom Church of God attendees here, please don't peek until after the sermon is given. Thank you. We post this for those who keep the day alone or with a house church, and we believe it may appear on our church site home page today....


We rejoice greatly with those who rejoice. So we praise Jesus for the example Hunter has set by God’s grace and for his dramatic healing. He answered a man whose pastor pooh-poohed God’s tools against Satan, especially mocking the power of forgiveness. Yet we see in Hunter’s testimony the power of forgiveness, faith, and love, an encouragement to all of us. Faith indeed works by love and by forgiveness, without which no other tool can be organized and activated. We thank our Father for the Grace [Jesus] to receive all the covenant blessings, and to follow the example of those like Hunter who have persevered in forgiveness and thanksgiving. Here is Hunter’s testimony:

“Jordon J., I know the power of unforgiveness to keep one in bondage, and I know the empowerment of forgiveness to bring Jesus to every area that needs healing. My father had shot me in the back cutting my spinal cord because I told him I forgave him for all the cruel things that he did to me. When he shot me and left me paralyzed, I told him that I still forgave him. I knew Jesus would heal me, and for nearly ten years I have stayed in forgiveness. Three months ago my spinal nerve started to grow back together. It gave me feeling and some minor motion. Now the power released in staying in forgiveness has returned sixty per cent of the motion to my right leg and twenty-five per cent to my left leg. I am thanking Father God for my complete healing, because of His empowerment of the grace to forgive. That is joy in Jesus, not burn out. Tell you pastor that.”

God’s love is amazing, and the three Personalities of the Godhead, while perfect in love and unity, have specialties in their expression of love for us. The Father’s specialty is loving-kindness. Jesus’ specialty is bringing justice for us His brothers. He sits, however, on both the seats of mercy and judgment, so like the other members of the Godhead He extends mercy, but in a special way since He has lived in the flesh of mankind and is a merciful High Priest. The Holy Spirit’s specialty is tenderness, and how we need to appreciate the special, gentle love of our Comforter and Governor of the Earth.

We are so blessed to have the new moon days to lay down our blockages to the fullness of love and faith, and to receive all Jesus has for us in its fullness. At Passover we examine ourselves and rejoice greatly in what Jesus did to set us free. At Unleavened Bread, we lay down all falseness in our lives in exchange for God’s ways of truth and love. At Pentecost we lay down our whole lives in surrender to Jesus in exchange for all the gifts of the Governor, the Holy Spirit, including the power of dominion prayer and praise.

At the fall feasts, we have the new moon of Trumpets, where anything can be laid down, yet it is the day that signals the beginning of the financial year and blessings of prosperity. At Atonement, we make a list of items of payback from the thief Satan, yet our actual altar lay down items should include mainly financial debts and thefts from Satan.
In Leviticus 16, the strong man “who stand in readiness” (Lev. 16:21) would lay hands on the live goat symbolizing Satan to send it away into the desert. The high priest Aaron, representing Jesus, had laid hands on that live goat and placed the sins of the people on [Satan’s] head. So multiple representations show us that Jesus puts the sins on Satan as well as bears the sin as the goat that was sacrificed. And He is also the strong man that makes Satan go into the blackness of darkness forever as a wandering soul and spirit in the desert of a black dimension separated forever from God.

Here at Freedom Church of God our apostle plays the part of Jesus to place all the debts upon Satan by burning the papers submitted by members. If you are alone to keep this fast day, you can declare you are representing Jesus to burn up all the thefts of Satan in your life. If you are a house church leader such as Cassidy in the zealous teen church, you would also declare you are representing Jesus, who is in you, to burn the papers submitted by those you are serving.

Tabernacles is a celebration of the perfecting of the Family of Love as they prepare to rule with Jesus, so we can lay down anything that blocks our unity in the spiritual or physical family. The Last Great Day can also be a lay down day; however, it’s principal focus is the calling back of all generations to come to Jesus on the Last Great Day as well as the only solemn holy day because we share in the grief of our Father to lose those who in their free will choose to reject Him forever.

We pray for the grace for our bloggers to be blessed with the grace to actually observe these fall feasts and receive the manifold blessing associated with them according to the principle of John 13:17 and Psalm 111:10. Chag sameach (Joyous feast!), shelam and shalom, and chanan (grace or empowerment to do God’s will).

What is Your Most Important Spiritual Tool? Pastor Robert Scott
Think before you answer. As he often does, our apostle had us stumped on the Day of Trumpets when asked us that question. He was beginning a four-part series on the foundation tools God gives us to defeat the weapons of darkness. He gave us the first ten of forty tools in his message. He said that we all knew what these tools were already, so it would've been easy for us to assume this would be a boring sermon. Declaring such would open up a bad door by our words, since the origin of the word “boring” is to bore a hole in your head. We certainly don't want that.

The answer to that question may surprise you, since we don't often consider this answer as a tool. But my friend and colleague Charley West piped up with the right answer, to the surprise of most of us—not because it was Charley, but because his answer was surprising. Would you have answered, “forgiveness”?

Yes, forgiveness is the foremost foundation tool, a tool we must be certified in the use of as “journeymen believers” rather than green apprentices. Forgiveness is our most powerful tool for organizing all the other thirty-nine tools. When we don't forgive, God cannot forgive us or hear us, so what good are the other tools?

The second tool is love. No other tool can be activated without love. Forgiveness and love turn whiners, which most Christians are, into winners. Unless we are able to forgive ourselves, God cannot forgive us nor can He give us the grace to overcome our habitual sins and deeply rooted iniquities. When we walk in forgiveness and love, Satan's weapons either bounce off or we recover quickly because of our forgiving attitude. You can see why the enemy has delayed our important book on forgiveness. We thank God that what the devil meant for evil, God will turn for good.

Since people don't like to read long blog posts, we will briefly cite the rest of these first ten tools that are apostle listed in order of importance. The order was a surprise to most of us. Faith is next, number three. All these, of course, work together like wheels on a car. The Bible tells us that faith works by love.

The big surprise was number four, mercy. Yes, mercy came before grace, number five. God begins all his dealings with us in mercy, since we don't deserve any part of His love without Jesus and His sacrifice. It is only as we show mercy to others that we in turn receive mercy as a harvest.

We must request the twenty-five fundamental graces of God from our Father Love. We must also ask for number six, wisdom, laying down to Jesus the stupidity we have inherited from the world around us. Then comes number seven, discernment, distinguishing truth from lies, good from evil, love from lust, and right from wrong.

Number eight is revealed knowledge, which always grants us victory. Number nine is understanding, connecting the “here a little, there a little” (Isaiah 28) biblical precepts to arrive at concepts, beginning to think like our God thinks.
Number ten is the Word of God, the tool Satan tries the hardest to steal from us. He causes us to use every excuse in the book not to read the Book. And we say, “Well, God knows my heart.” Yes, He does, and He wants us to ask Him to give us the grace to stop making excuses for neglecting our tools of victory against the enemy. We may know these tools, but have we been certified more this year in the use of them?

Sabbath Facebook Feuds? Pastor Robert Scott
Today we were asked to respond to a person on facebook regarding her Sabbath questions. As usual, the exchanges were lively. Since you may encounter some of the same reactions to the Sabbath, we thought you might be interested in the exchange.

Answers to Bonnie on Facebook
Hi Bonnie,
We will endeavor to answer your questions by answering your comments one by one…
Bonnie wrote: "Mark and Robert, you may be correct... every day may not be holy and I may burn in hell... (Why do you assume we believe that? In fact, we don’t. Those who don’t receive the Sabbath truth when it will be generally revealed, which is not the case now, are not losing out on salvation, but in most cases on the blessing of being the Bride of Jesus, so they will either be given the anointing of martyr to die during the Great Tribulation to become part of the Bride and rule with Jesus or go along with the Mark of the Beast, Sunday keeping, and have to wait till after the Millennium to be resurrected as Revelation 20:5 indicates. They will still have the opportunity to be part of the Family of God, but will not have as great an eternal reward as part of the intimate bride that knows Jesus by meeting Him in His Sabbath day).
I may be the harlot church riding the bull,but I have a question... do you love people? (Yes, we do believe we love people, but we are quite imperfect and thank God for Jesus’ blood that cleanses us when we confess our sins and mistakes. We do ask your forgiveness for the problems we have caused you. We don’t always speak the truth in love. And we don’t always know who our audience is and how to be sensitive to where they are and what they are capable of handling at the time. You may not understand that God has shown us that our anointing in Freedom Church of God is Isaiah 58 and 59:1-3. We are called to cry aloud and show people their sins, but also to pray and fast for them so they can see the freedom Jesus offers them.) Your comments dont make me want to know your God, they dont make me hungry to read his word... you apparently have been taught to seek the letter of the law while missing the spirit of it. (No, Bonnie, that is not correct. Many Christians who see others keeping the Sabbath assume they are under the law or looking at only the letter. The spirit of the law means you seek Jesus will all your heart to know Him more by meeting Him in His Sabbath. They don’t’ understand that the Sabbath keepers who know Jesus, and all do not know Him and sometimes know only the Sabbath, are keeping both the spirit and letter of the law, while those who keep Sunday are keeping the spirit in the sense of resting but are ignoring the letter. They would not do that with the commandments against adultery or murder, but they reason that they can keep only the spirit by resting, but they would not say they would not lust after their neighbor’s wife, but they would sleep with her.)
No human being is a proper, perfect Sabbath keeper. For all have sinned. (Amen to that, Bonnie. Would you use the same reasoning with the other commandments: “I can’t help but using God’s name in curse words when I get angry, so I’m not even going to try. Or “My dad is not honorable, so I’m not going to honor him.” Can you see the selective reasoning? Why would one refuse to keep the fourth commandment because they are not able to do it perfectly? Where is the blood of Jesus in your reasoning? Where is forgiveness, God’ and yours of yourself?) " Maybe When my Lord was hung on a tree and His beard was ripped out,while he was spit upon, mocked and beaten until he was not recognizable as being human, maybe it mattered what day of the week that fell on? (And what does that have to do with our discussion of the day Jesus said He made holy and commanded us to keep it? Red herrings do not help us understand the truth.) Maybe its by my works? works and boasting about the day my saturn god calender falls on? maybe just maybe LOVE is what it was all about...For God soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo loved the world...I never said the law was done away with. I agree with Christ that if we love Him we will keep his commandments. (So we agree. God’s love for us should motivate us to love Him by keeping His laws of love as John 14:15 clearly says. So why obey selectively?) But the Bible which says that keeping the law does not save anyone because no one can keep it perfectly... Romans 3:20 "Therefore by the deeds of the law there shall no flesh be justified in his sight: for by the law is the knowledge of sin." Galatians 2:16 "Knowing that a man is not justified by the works of the law, but by the faith of Jesus Christ, even we have believed in Jesus Christ, that we might be justified by the faith of Christ, and not by the works of the law: for by the works of the law shall no flesh be justified." (We wholeheartedly agree. It is Jesus’ blood that saves us, not works. That is, our works. All our works of the flesh amount to nothing as John 6:63 says. God does also tell us to work out our own salvation by allowing Him to work His works of love and obedience in us, as Philippians 2:12-13 show. And by the way, verse 14 is one of those challenging commandments to keep, no grumbling. Would you we should give up trying not to grumble rather than asking God’s grace and power to stop grumbling. What’s the difference between asking His help to keep His Sabbath holy and the grace to stop complaining?)
Romans 14:5 that "One man esteemeth one day above another; another esteemeth every day alike. Let every man be fully persuaded in his own mind." Accordingly, each of us is given the freedom to esteem a day as special...maybe you should try and love people and pray for their eyes to be open or even for your eyes to be opened, you too could learn something from them. They may know something you dont and vice versa, we are all His body whether you agree or not..." (Yes, we are all one body, whether we keep the Sabbath or not. But when Paul wrote Romans 14, he wasn’t talking about whether we could decide which of the Ten Commandments to obey and which not to obey. He was talking about days of fasting principally, which is a personal thing we should not be judging others (We have a whole chapter in Bible Code Broken on this, so this is just a brief synopsis. If you to know us beyond what we say as we speak out God’s truth boldly, we think you would recognize that we are quite imperfect, yet when we fall down, we get up, and we ask God to perfect us in His love. And yes, we learn from everyone, as we are finding on our Freedom Blog. Above all, we all need to learn from God’s Word, which is Love written in ink, and we still have a long way to go in expressing that perfect love. We rejoice, however, that God’s day of love, the Sabbath, will begin to be kept on a wider scale so many more can reap its blessings, one of which is delighting in Jesus (Isa. 58:13-14)).

Where Did Your Love Go? Part 2 Pastor Robert Scott
Our Father’s Love Never Fails

Job asked In Job 3:12, “Why did the knees receive me, And why the breasts, that I should suck?” When we consider the Hebrew, Job was asking, “Why was I blessed and protected until this attack? Where did Your love go, God, when things started going bad in my life? I saw Your love in the good times, but where is it in all these attacks? Where now is the comfort and provision of the abundant Provider El Shaddai?”
Jesus had to answer those questions on the way to the cross, and each of us in these last days must answer those questions.
“Does God still love me in times of trial? Does my Father Love truly care about what’s happening to me?” These are the questions we must answer as we seek to turn our hearts to our Father.
Will the loss of something or even everything cause us to lose our love, understanding, and loyalty to Jesus? Would the loss of a pastor, apostle, teacher, mate, or child cause us to leave the church of God and the love of Jesus?
Many of us have asked Job’s questions: “Why did You let me taste of Your goodness and then see it all taken away? Why did my mate and children seem to come to Jesus and then flee? Why was I healthy and then attacked with sickness?” David asked the same kind of questions in the Psalms.
Job was saying to God, “I didn’t ask to be a king, to be special, to get any special treatment. So why am I being singled out to be tried like this?”
We are also called to be kings. And the reason we are called is the reason Job was called: God knew that in our weakness we would humbly seek His help and rely on Him for correction and guidance.
Jesus and Job both prophesied that problems would come our way. Persecutions and demonic forces would try to break us of our resolve. Yet Jesus said, “… take courage; I have overcome the world” (John 16:33).
Moreover, He told us not to worry (Mat. 6:25; Phil. 4:6) and to go about the mission He gave us in Matthew 28:19-20, where He said, “I am with you always, even to the end of the age.”
He and Job were prophesying great troubles for us in the last days, but Job’s steadfastness in trial and Jesus’ words to us tell us that our Savior and Defender will never abandon us and will especially be with us in these last days.
The words of Job and his prophecies have been overlooked because of the false doctrine that the Old Testament, as men call it, is done away. Nothing could be further from the truth.
Here are God’s words of encouragement to us believers today, as we face the most turbulent and yet most exciting times in history: “For whatever was written in earlier times was written for our instruction, so that through perseverance and the encouragement of the Scriptures we might have hope. Now may the God who gives perseverance and encouragement grant you to be of the same mind with one another according to Christ Jesus” (Romans 15:4).
Jesus has declared that we are His witnesses and that no one, no person or demon, can snatch us out of His hand of love (Isa. 43:11-13; John 10:28-29). Our Father promises us that He will finish the work He started in us (Phil 1:6) and will be faithful to present us blameless before Jesus as His bride (1 Thes. 5:23-24). He encourages us not to lose heart and allow the trials to weary us (Gal. 6:9). Job didn’t have all the answers, but because of Job’s experience and Jesus’ words, we do have access to the answers.
Jesus has declared that we are His, that His hand is open for our defense, our help, our uplifting, and that we are His witnesses to the world. Satan may cause events that make it seem like God has let go of us. He hasn’t. So let’s not let go of Jesus. Lets turn our hearts to our Father, who is Love, and whose love for us never fails.
We must not let the pressures from Satan and the world break us. They should make us. God’s Word gives us the encouragement we need to turn our hearts to our Father Love and know in our hearts that He loves us: “Now may the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing, so that you will abound in hope of the power of the Holy Spirit” (Romans 15:13).
Where did God’s love go? It never went anywhere. Our Father’s love has been with us through all the tough times, and as we turn our hearts to Him, He will lead us through the valleys of these last days, and we will dwell in His house of love forever.

Love Letter Pastor Robert Scott

Today's Sermon on Aliens.

To all of you who have made comments following Charlene’s (http://www.freedomtruthseekers.com/FreedomBlog/tabid/238/EntryId/68/Enter-Jesus-Day-of-Joy.aspx.) Yes, Charlene is real. We have known her for 23 years. And if she had cursed her Colin like some on this blog who have, not realizing what constitutes a curse, cursed the original Colin, neither she nor he would be where they are today.

The bottom line and starting point for the Colins among us is forgiveness. Perhaps that’s why our book on forgiveness has encountered snags from the publisher to cause delays in its publication, even though it has been ready for some time.

The power of the prayers of a believing wife and mother should never be underestimated. We have tears in our eyes as we think of what this family has been through and of what our Savior and Healer Jesus has done for them. Her prayers caused her teenaged son to become our youth pastor and be the coauthor of our book, God’s Fruit of Forgiveness.

His coauthor has also had a lifelong challenge of forgiving his own, now late father, who mocked him for many things, including stepping out in faith as a teen to keep the Sabbath. Moreover, the challenge that involved difficulty and failure in forgiving father figures in his life caused him twenty-five years of God not hearing his prayers and twelve years of devastating mental illness, which caused him to be divorced by his former wife and invisible as a father to his son and daughter for the last thirteen years.

The many Colins reading this blog, and especially their mates and children, should take comfort in the redemptive power of our mighty Redeemer and Savior Jesus. The Colins who are cursed and unforgiven could end up unredeemable until the second resurrection (or much worse) without the prayers and forgiveness of their mates and children. But with Jesus there is always hope.

Back to Charlene’s Colin. His son prayed he would come to church and sowed financial seed in the offering basket in faith that his covenant request would be answered. It was. Colin came to church. Like all of us, he has had his struggles, especially since his father has stayed basically the same and has affected him in many ways.

The good news is that he was ordained a music evangelist because our apostle, having come within a few seconds of dying because of the curses of a Satanist boss, listens to the Holy Spirit in his apostolic decisions, not to his feelings or to his memory of the past, many mistakes of a person.

For indeed, “If You, [Father Love], should mark iniquities, 0[Eternal], who could stand? But there is forgiveness with You, That You may be [held in awe and loving reverence]” (Ps. 130:3-4). What a loving, forgiving God we have! And His greatest desire is to see us, His children, grow up to be like Him.

That is why we publish this blog. That is why we write our books, trusting God to provide the finances so this unheard message can be heard among the cacophony of lies that permeate and overwhelm our airwaves and our churches, churches that blindly follow the majority view of Sunday, pagan but Christianized holidays, churches that promote the sincere but misguided worship of “the Lord” to the neglect and/or exclusion of the real Jesus.

Charlene is ordained as a teacher of judgment. She is also a prayer warrior who often leads conference prayer calls in the morning to lift up people like the Colins on our blog who desperately need prayer. She is sowing seeds of love that we all need to sow according to the unique gifts God has given each one of us. These seeds of love have produced a harvest in her life and family. Indeed, love is the most powerful spiritual warfare.

Is that family now perfect? Is Freedom Church of God perfect? Of course not. However, we serve a merciful God who meets all of us where we are, and sees us, as we repeatedly fall and rise up again, as He sees Jesus, perfectly righteous—forgiven.

Charlene’s Colin has had his ups and downs as we all have had, but he is still leading praise and worship and is still fighting by God’s grace for his spiritual life and health, thanks to the forgiveness of God and others, and thanks to the prayers of people that love.

We invite you into that circle of love and forgiveness, into the arms of our Father Love. We especially invite you into His Sabbath, where you can sit in security on His knee and enjoy the warmth of His hugs of love, never forgetting just how much He has loved you and forgiven you, and promises to always forgive you—because He gave up His own Son to have you as a son or daughter whom He loves exactly like His Son Jesus. Shabbat shalom!