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Return to the Father's Heart
So the Earth Will Survive
Robert B. Scott

Return to the Father’s Heart

This crucial book will pave the way for the of coming Elijah of Malachi 4:5-6, who is prophesied to bring today’s absent fathers toward their neglected or jettisoned children and bring the heart of believers back to their Father in heaven. The book offers a solution to a pervasive problem among men today: their inability to forgive abusive fathers. This modern-day Elijah will “restore all things” (Mat. 17:11), including the true gospel of the Kingdom or Family of God, revealing the dangerous error of the grace revolution leading to the appearance of the man of lawlessness, an evil leader who will fight the second coming of Jesus. Click HERE to order your copy today!



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Would you celebrate Christmas if you knew that.... Charlene Bishop

The Moabites were worshippers of the God of prosperity, Chesmosh.  It was the same Chesmosh cast iron potbellied god as the Ammonites worshipped – Molech.  They both wore the Phygian cap which was worn by Tammuz and Babylon and later Mithra in Rome.  At the time of the winter solstice, December 25th, they had a public mass, a child mass, mass meaning sacrifice on the winter solstice.  The priests stoked the iron image of the enthroned Chemosh with wood and burning pitch, turning their potbellied god into a cherry red furnace.  People made long lists of their desires and recited them to their god of prosperity just before they put their infant children into the red hot lap of their cherished god with his Phygian cap.  As the babies were incinerated the people in the Dec. 25 child mass were assured that their sacrifice would be rewarded in the coming year.  On the same day south of Israel the Egyptians celebrated their Sun God Ra.  An Egyptian hieroglyph shows Ra castrating himself just as the Greek legend tells of the Greek god Attis performing the same surgery on himself.  Worshippers of Ra would hang gold and silver balls on an upright palm tree as Jeremiah reports it and place their decorated gifts to the sun god under the tree decorated with the gold and silver testicles of Ra.  This main custom was celebrated on the birthday of Ra, December 25th.   When Israel adopted this custom they did this with an evergreen tree which they cut out of the forest and erected it with hammer and nails so that it would not topple over and decorated it with silver and gold balls.  In the 1600’s it was illegal to have a Christmas tree or even or even a Christmas service in America.  The pilgrims knew that it was pure pagan sun god worship.  These are occult practices.  The origins of Christmas are well documented from the Encyclopedia to numerous historical documents.  This particular information I am sharing today was transcribed from a Youtube video by Michael Rood.  I chose it because of the concise manner which he summarizes the reason for the season.

Are you a Scrooge? Charlene Bishop

What makes a person a scrooge?  Does not giving your children a lot of Christmas presents make you a Scrooge?  How about not keeping Christmas, does that make you a scrooge?  If you don't give gifts to employees, parents, and others at Christmas time does that make you a scrooge?  A scrooge is defined as a miserly person, a cheapskate, penny-pincher, tightwad.  I had a call today from a parent who was fighting the feeling of guilt because this year they only had money for two presents for their child.  They wondered why they felt guilty.  Will a lot of gifts fill a child with love?  The most precious gift we can give a child, friend, parent or other loved one is... time.  When there is an occasion where a gift is appropriate why not wrap up a box with a certificate on the inside that requires your time.  If we are honest, we are miserly, a scrooge with our time.  We want to spend our time on things that please us.  How many children, parents, siblings, co-workers feel totally invisible to us?  They don't even rate on our time radar.  What a child really needs is our time, face to face time where we just listen and hear them.  Throwing gifts at a child to satisfy your guilt is damaging.  Wrap up a gift of time.

Why Joseph Prince Told a “White Christmas” Lie on His TV Broadcast Today? Pastor Robert Scott

Will you swallow the lie I swallowed years ago? It’s one of the many lies of this popular grace revolution, which is in reality a grace rebellion against the laws of love of our God of love. These laws are the basis of the Kingdom of God, which is the only true gospel. Jesus preached it, and so did Paul! It’s a lie that is all too common in the Christian world. It involves pretending you know the Hebrew when what you say contradicts the plain Word of God. This lie even contradicts the very theme verse of this grace revolution, John 1:17. What is this dangerous lie? It involves the meaning of the Hebrew word chesed. It even involves the pagan celebrations of December 25! Yes, pagan celebrations! Read more…

I always assumed commentators were right in declaring that chesed meant grace, but that contradicts the clear words of John 1:17. In other words, the grace revolution proponents are contradicting their very them verse and adding to their schizophrenic declarations about the subject of grace. The verse says that the law came through Moses (which of course came directly to Moses through God, who was the One who became Jesus).

Remember the last part of that verse: grace and truth came through Jesus Christ when He came as a man. So God is saying there was no real grace in the First Testament, which is a favorite argument of the grace revolution.

Was there mercy? Of course. God is a God of mercy. But grace or the empowerment to obey the laws of love God gave in the Hebrew Scriptures came through Jesus when He came in the flesh as a man to die for us.

They are stretching it. Because they believe so firmly in this false grace doctrine, they try to say it’s been there all along in the Bible. But it hasn’t! They simply want it to be true so they can pretend that the same God has always been a God of grace.

Why would God say, “O, that there were such a heart in them, that they would love Me and keep My commandments, “ my paraphrase of Deuteronomy 5:29?

The simple answer is that Jesus, who is the Word who spoke the Ten Commandments, was saying this: I am Grace with a capital G. I’m coming to die for your sins, your breaking of My law, and to then live within you so you have the power to change the focus from “Thou shalt not…” to  “Love does not….”

The grace revolutionists don’t like that focus because they want you to see the law as bad, not good. Yet God says the law is good throughout the Bible. He never puts a bad spin on His commandments as the grace people do, as Joseph Prince has done on his broadcast today, Thursday, December 18.

We must challenge him. His statement contradicts his own theme verse of John 1:17. He’s taking away what makes Jesus different in the New Testament than in the “old,” which is not old at all.

How could Jesus come to bring grace if it already existed? How could the law be in our hearts unless Jesus, Grace personified, is now in our hearts (Jeremiah 31 and Hebrews 8). If you read those two chapters together, you will understand what grace is.

Grace is having Jesus in your heart so His laws that He gave long ago will be in your heart. You now have the empowerment, the grace, to perform what your flesh can’t.

You will understand that the whole Bible is to be observed by the power of Jesus or grace within us.

A believer will have the strength to buck the crowd and stop keeping the pagan holidays like Christmas that have been baptized Christian when Jesus never did!

They will actually have the power to obey the last few verses of Deuteronomy 12 and the clear verses of Jeremiah 10 that gives a surprisingly accurate description of the Christmas tree!

I takes courage to go against the mainstream. “But everybody who’s anybody keeps Christmas! You must be in a cult.” No. It takes courage and Grace to keep God’s laws, even His unpopular laws.

Will you have the courage and the grace to come out of the world to obey God this December 25? The good news is the grace to keep the laws of the Kingdom of God came with Jesus, and He lives in you! You can do it!



God’s Times to Ask When, Why, and How Long, God? Pastor Robert Scott

God’s Times to Ask When, Why, and How Long, God?

 Millions of Christians are keeping Christmas again this year. But are these God’s times of celebration and introspection? When Jesus returns, He will command all mankind to keep the Sabbath and the new moons (Isa. 66:23). This is a secret Christians don’t know. There is another secret they don't know. They don't know when to complain and wrestle with God. There is a time for everything and a time to pour out our hearts before God. Most psalms of David were written on the Sabbath and the new moons. Asaph asked some troubling questions on the new moon. Why do others prosper when I have to go through these trials (Psalm 73)? Why are true Christians being persecuted and heavily tried when nominal Christians are being blessed? Stay tuned for the surprising answer…Read more…

Asaph understood the answers to his troubling questions when he entered the sanctuary of God on the new moon after he had wrestled with God about these questions (Ps. 73:17).

 Why is a congregation that has so much truth being tested and tried? Why does God allow its leading lady to pass away? Two of our deaconesses have passed away recently. Why?

 Is it like some Canadians are saying at the passing of Myles Monroe? Is it true that God took him? No, it's not. Satan took him and Satan took our deaconesses. God didn't cause it but He allowed it. He knows the end from the beginning. He knew certain congregations would be in disunity, which would allow Satan to have his way.

 After believers pass critical tests of maturity, Satan tries to take them out and he can succeed unless the congregation is in unity and speaking the right words. Wrong words can cause pain and even death (Prov. 18:21).

 The righteous man or woman is sometimes taken out to escape the evil to come (Isa. 57:1). They still have work to do, but they had passed important tests and God knew they were ready to go if Satan did take them.

 Should we ask God why? Yes, but there is a proper time and procedure for everything (Eccl. 8:6). When believers ask the whys and the whens of God at the wrong time, they can cause death. They can easily accuse the brethren. When they ask those difficult questions at the new moon, they often get God's secret answers to satisfy their curiosity.

 Knowing why God does things gives great assurance and confidence. While many Christians want to remain ignorant of those answers, others press on and find the answers as they wrestle with God on the new moon.

Why do we have to observe Satan’s days instead of God's days? When Jesus returns for a thousand years of peace, those who don't keep His days will be deprived of rain. If you keep Christmas, you'll go dry. Why can't we keep God's days and know God's secrets that He offers to His servants?

Jesus, as well as all the apostles, including Paul, kept the days ordained as God's days in Leviticus 23 (Acts 24:14).  We would have less and less questions and more and more answers from God if we did. We would be much merrier if we abandoned Christmas for the joy of Jesus received on His days.

Why DON'T You Keep Christmas? Pastor Robert Scott
We have had great difficulty since I went to Africa to revive the blog. No matter what we put up, it seems there are 0 comments. We invite those who were regular contributors years ago to start posting some comments, please, please. We're doing all we know how to revive the blog, and we are confident Jesus will make a way. We trust someone is reading this and chooses to respond to help us. We are a body, and we can't do it alone. Thank you in advance and thank You, Jesus, for being the faithful Redeemer and Restorer. Pastor Robert

Why Do You or Don't You Observe Christmas and New Years? Pastor Robert Scott
Tell us please what you do or don't do for these end-of-year holidays and why or why not.

Is This Christmas or the Collapse of the USA? Pastor Robert Scott
Some have commented here that people are having a hard time getting into what they call the Christmas spirit. Do they sense that the collapse of America is near? What do you think?

Christmas Facebook Post Pastor Robert Scott

In the above article, “Should Christians Celebrate Christmas?” a video was posted that tried to prove Christians should celebrate Christmas. It was encouraging to see the number of posts denouncing the lies in the video. We also posted one. Below is the longest post, and quite a good one.

Steven Blackledge: Watched the whole video and as sincere as this man was there is no evidence that Christmas was celebrated by anyone claiming to be of God. Yes, the verses he declared are all true, but it was not Jesus Christ that was born on Dec. 25th.
In fact if you look in Jeremiah chapter 10 this portion declares not to learn the way of the heathen while describing a man cutting down a tree, bringing into his home, decorating it, and then worshipping it.
Christ Jesus was born during the late summer, early autumn timeframe. The reason there were no inn's available for Joseph and Mary to stay in was probably due to the fact that the God's Feast of Tabernacles was being celebrated. The shepherds tending to their flocks at night was also an indication that the weather was still comfortable enough to keep the sheep in the open plain. During December this is not the case.
Not celebrating Christmas does not mean one is a non-believer of God coming in the flesh either to die for our sins..... Even athiests celebrate Christmas! Those of the Muslim faith, Hindu faith ect.....Those whose religion is witchcraft even celebrate this time of the year as the Winter Solstice or Saturnalia. The rebirth of the actual sun....In fact those who are of the the pagan religion celebrated Christmas long before those who had faith in Christ Jesus...... The practice of keeping Christmas amongst Christians began during the 4th century AD when the Emporer Constantine decided to adopt Christianity as being Romes official religion in order to keep his empire together.....What he did wrong was to bring pagan practices into his version of Christianity. One of these practices was Christmas. Constantine still loved to worship Mithras or the sun-god Baal. Part of that worship did entail Christmas or what was called the re-birth of the sun.....Cleverly he replaced pagan names with Christian ones....But you cannot take the pagan out of these days through deception....They are what they are......But time has covered up the truth. And after severe persecution of those who would not accept his version of Christianity not only by Constantine, but by other so called "Christian" sects throughout the centuries, we now have a great many of my brethren, as I once did, celebrating a falsehood.
WND has a series of DVD's entitled "Time is an Ally" on this subject for sale which I myself have not seen. There is also a book by Alexander Hislop titled "The Two Babylons" which goes through this subject in great detail. You can look up on-line as well with the abundance of resources available on this subject.
Sometimes the Truth hurts or even angers some, but it does set us free. But we are called as believers in Christ Jesus to work out, not for, our salvation. Part of that is making sure we are not adhering to the doctrines of men, and interpreting the bible according to our Creators will.
Our Savior left us an example of what to observe before His death on the cross and that is the Passover. Yes, He was God born in the flesh...But He was born to die for the spiritual salvation of mankind. His death and resurrection are to be observed. And this was not just for the Jewish folk, but for all of mankind. Keeping God's holy days contained in Leviticus chapter 23 does not grant us salvation, but reminds us of how important they are concerning the plan our Creator has for all of mankind. Thankfully our God did come in the flesh in order to save us and showed us the great love He has for His creation.
We must remember to worship Him in "Spirit and in Truth." Blessings, and sorry Carl you are wrong about this...Thanks for bringing up scriptures reminding us who our Savior is and what He did for us though.
By the way I am not of the Jehovah Witness sect.....Just a believer in Christ Jesus and the Truth about Him.

Jesus Hates Christmas! Pastor Robert Scott
One of the greatest deceptions of our time is that of Christmas. You are seen as marginal or cultish if you don’t keep it, yet the Bible is clear we are not to use pagan customs to worship God (Deut. 12:30-32; Jer. 10:2-4; John 4:24). We are called to cry aloud and show God’s people their sins (Isa. 58:1). Our job is not popular, but it’s time people knew the truth about the lies that have brought destruction into their lives (Hos. 4:6). Fasten your seat belts!

We have had a number of questions about Christmas, and we have received many enlightening answers from those who know the truth about this popular holiday. The answers are presented by Laura K unless otherwise noted. They were originally written under the post on witchcraft # 9. In some cases only the answers are given.

Graham, The most powerful spells can be caste during the Dec 8th and Jan 8th each year. It is a time of magic but dark magic not as the public is seduced into believing in. Christmas represents the creation day of Satan, the birth of rebellion, the death of Abel, the coming of the nephilim (1st and 2nd), the birth of Nimrod, the birthday of magic, the establishment day of the Masons, and the establishment day of the Babylonian church.

Bonny E. the good luck of the cones was to represent the nephilim penis and a visit from them. It has always represented the male horn of sexual activity. It works so as to make the male jealous and to want to have sex with any woman near him.

Patsy, Only dinner bells call for magic or protection and are designed to be dangerous. The off-note tone attracts the demons.

What does the angel on the top of the tree represent?
Rodney, both the star and the angel represent Satan being asked to watched over the X-mas wishes to see that they get what they want in order to celebrate his creation day. Satan is the fallen star, and the earth bound angel that is ruling in the tree of good and evil.

Do angel hair and ice cycles have a special meaning that we also do not understand?
Rodney, Angel hair represents the spider webs of deception and lies. The ice cycles represents a quest for things that are bogus, phony, or scamming. When put upon a wall or ceiling it means to be stuck in religiosity and traditions, and in disregard for the truth. On a tree it means that one is ruled by the lusts of the flesh and that you are willing to fight against real love.

Are you saying that the things of Christmas are based on witchcraft and paganism? What about Jesus?
Carl N, there is no biblical correction or justification for keeping Christmas. Jesus was never involved in this day and try as they might, religious zealots cannot put him into it. All ancient records point to Satan worship, demon worship, and a mocking of God the Father. So do not hold your breath for Jesus to ever get involved in keeping that day.

Do you know why Christmas cake is made only for Christmas?
Molly, the fruitcake was a fall festival cake of thanks giving. The Christmas cake is similar to the fruitcake except that hard liquor was used in the making of it. The Christmas cake was designed to produce sexual increase and desire. The same as hot cross buns. They were designed to honor the perversions of the goddess Diana.

(In answer to question on stockings) Gunther, all sock hanging is part of the worship of Satan. Hanging the sock means that you are willing to turn your life walk over to betrayal and Satan's will. You sell your soul and life walk for whatever Satan decides to pay you for it.

There can’t be anything wrong with caroling, can there? Our family has done that for years.
Romona, Christmas songs were written as enchantments so that the singers are captured and so are the listeners. The music that accompanies the song is lulling and creates a state of hypnosis. The enchantments are addictive and permanently mind fixating. It often sets the spirit of religiosity over one’s head. Tamara

I think that you guys are selling fear about something beauty and good. What are you getting for telling things like that?
Mary T. I do not think that you have a clue of what is beauty and what is good. I also believe that you are biblically illiterate. Good is what God ask you to do, but you think what Satan says is good and what God says is evil. If you do not like to hear what God says is good, then don’t waste my time with your desire to stay in confusion. Tamara

(In answer to a question about wreaths) Allossi B., the wreath has different meanings depending on the area it comes from and how it is used. A wreath at a gravesite means that the demons are bound to the soul to torment it. A wreath on food means that the eaters of that food will submit to the demons sent to rule over them. A wreath over a bed means demons are allowed in the marriage and God is to be kept out. Over a door means that demons have been invited to form a hedge of protection around that house so that the word of God can never is understood in that home. On a door means that everyone who enters that door will submit to lust, perversion, and greed.

Benjamin Blessing -- More Reflections Pastor Robert Scott
We are overjoyed to see the praise reports that have come in after the fast. We can learn from the attitudes of those who have seen blessings already. Emmit said, “I kept the fast, and I have kept on thanking my Father for seeing me face to face and meeting my needs…My DAD sure knows how to make things great.” Hunter shared the miracle of his wife’s healing. We can see the spirit of thanksgiving abounding. We rejoice that in spirit we can go right before our Father and Jesus and see them and be seen face to face, and if our souls have been cleansed by Jesus’ blood, our souls can experience that intimacy with our DAD, our Father in heaven.

Notice Norma’s spirit of thanksgiving: “ I completed the Benjamin blessing fast and had communion and sang songs of thankfulness. This morning the company that laid me off last month, phoned and offered me a better job and more than twice the money I was being paid before. I can hardly wait to see what happens next.”

While we are not obligated to fast a second time if we have already fasted, we can join in the next fast for the breaking of the yokes over those who are fasting for the outpouring of the Benjamin blessing for the first time, if we choose.

While the fast was a corporate fast that allowed us all to meet face-to-face with God, the new moon laydown coming up on Thursday, November 14 at sunset is a very personal, face-to-face encounter with Jesus. He wants us to lay down the things that may be blocking us from receiving all the magnificent blessings God has in store for us in these last days.

God led our apostle to change his Bible Study subject after the fast. The Holy Spirit told him just to take His Bible down to the sanctuary, and there He pointed out to him 2 Chronicles 24:18 and the following verses. Judah, the praisers, “served the Asherim [the shrines to false gods] and the idols,” and “they would not listen” to the prophets who warned them about their idolatry.

Zechariah told them they were not prospering because of their idols, and on the king’s orders murdered him, making him a blood offering to their idolatry.

Where have we put something or someone ahead of God and worshiped that idol more than God? Is it food, sex, money, alcohol, TV, children, tiredness and other excuses for not obeying God? What do we put ahead of God? Is it Christmas? God plainly tells in Deuteronomy 12 and Jeremiah 12 not to mix pagan ways or days with God’s ways and days. Yet the Asherim represented just that, a marriage to the demons of perversion and other demons that have spawned our pagan holidays falsely baptized Christian today.

Are you hooked on Christmas? Can you not pull yourself away from these false holidays that are not of God? The Day of Trumpets celebrates Jesus’ birth, coming, and return. December 25 has nothing to do with God’s commanded days and ways. Are you married to the demons that pull you to observe these days out of fear of what people will say?

What idols do we have in our hearts (Ezek. 14:3)? It’s time we examined ourselves so any blockages to receiving the fullness of the Benjamin blessing can be removed.