Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Return to the Father's Heart
So the Earth Will Survive
Robert B. Scott

Return to the Father’s Heart

This crucial book will pave the way for the of coming Elijah of Malachi 4:5-6, who is prophesied to bring today’s absent fathers toward their neglected or jettisoned children and bring the heart of believers back to their Father in heaven. The book offers a solution to a pervasive problem among men today: their inability to forgive abusive fathers. This modern-day Elijah will “restore all things” (Mat. 17:11), including the true gospel of the Kingdom or Family of God, revealing the dangerous error of the grace revolution leading to the appearance of the man of lawlessness, an evil leader who will fight the second coming of Jesus. Click HERE to order your copy today!



Freedom Blog

Freedom Blog


Important notice to all who submit questions to our blogs:
We acknowledge that you need in some cases immediate answers of reassurance. Please know that you are being prayed for. When we receive news like some of you submit, it takes time for us deal with the shock and pain the losses that have affected you cause us. Our prayer warriors prefer giving you answers gained through prayer and compassion rather than through emotions. Know that there are those who immediately begin praying for those faced with difficult situations. They wait to see who the Holy Spirit wants to respond to each individual. We thank you for your understanding and patience.

Why Are You Alive? Pastor Robert Scott
That's the most important question to answer. Do you know the answer for yourself?

What Is the Most Important Thing for a Believer — and the Second? Pastor Robert Scott
Many believers are being distracted from the main thing these days.What is the main thing? And what is the second most important thing?

What Do You Do for Fun (that Jesus would approve of)? Pastor Robert Scott
The joy of Jesus is our strength. He wants us to have an abundant life—to have fun? What do you do to have fun?

Humorous Tidbit Test: Where is Tennis Mentioned in the Bible? Pastor Robert Scott
Please try to answer this trivia question...

Can You Pass the Humility Test? Pastor Robert Scott
Pastor Gerald gave a teaching tonightAt Bible Study based on a video of the Peterson brothers from Kansas. Following is a brief resume of the humility test he gave, which the Peterson brothers and family passed in flying colours.

Humility Test

Are you humble? Can you pass the test of humility? Three brothers of the Peterson family in Kansas demonstrated the quality of humility in an interview they had after their success in making YouTube videos. They were interviewed in New York on Fox news. Ten points explain why they are humble as a family and those same points show how we can demonstrate humility in our lives:

1.     Setting your priorities (your walk with Jesus as the first).

2.     Making your work fun so it's not a matter of status or competition.

3.     Working together.

4.     Learning to have fun.

5.     Grateful to God for the talents He has given us.

6.     Valuing all of God's creation, all the things He has made for our enjoyment.

7.     Respect for one another (listening to each other rather than thinking about what we're going to say).

8.     Willing to help each other achieve our goals, and defending each other, something the church has never learned to do.

9.     Discussing things together.

10.   Putting no value on evil.

Pope Indicates Jesus is an Alien? Pastor Robert Scott
Some say the Catholic Church is claiming that Jesus was the son of an alien? What do you think? Could Jesus return in a UFO as an alien? What does prophecy say about this?

My Dream Is Telling Me Something—But What? (#22) Pastor Robert Scott
Dreams are warnings, but what is your dream warning you of. Find out now.

Jesus Defeats the Witches' Brew—But Show Me How!(#21) Pastor Robert Scott
Have you been challenged by witchcraft curses, spells, incantations, blood curses that have affected you and your family? We have seasoned responders who hear directly from God, and they are standing by to serve you and answer all your questions. Just ask.

What Difference Does Benghazi Make, Mrs. Clinton? Pastor Robert Scott

“What difference does it make? Four Americans are dead!” Mrs. Clinton, you have no idea what difference it makes. The difference is that the blood of those Americans is on your hands and on the hands of the president, since neither of you bothered to have your hands on the situation. Do you even realize that the murder of an ambassador is a declaration of war for any self-respecting nation? Do you and America have no self-respect? Mrs. Clinton, do you have any idea what this shameful betrayal, cover-up, and blatant lying are going to cost all Americans, including you and your children? Read more and comment on our Freedom Blog on this important turning point for our Western nations, including Canada.

We’re sure you don’t have any idea what this means, and we wonder if any government leader cares. We do. We are called to announce the demise of a nation as Jonah was. The difference is this: it’s too late for a turnaround for the U.S.

Europe is incensed—yes, incensed—at the betrayal of Benghazi. It’s the last straw for them. They realize that if America can’t back up its own, how will they backup Europe? It’s a double betrayal.

They waver between laughing at America’s incomprehensible weakness, crying, or murder.

Mrs. Clinton, God says that murder will be the decision. Isaiah 10:5 prophesies that the modern warring nation anciently called Assyria, will willingly serve as God’s rod of judgment against His nation, America. We’re talking about Germany, heading a United Europe, who will eventually attack the United States, probably after pestilence and civil war have ravaged it from the inside. Germany will cause one third to be slain by the sword, however that sword of war will be yielded, a third by other means, and a third will go into shameful captivity (Ezekiel chapter 5).

This betrayal could be the catalyst for Europe to finally unite. If Greece, the weakest nation of Europe, has spoken out about Benghazi, what are the strong nations thinking? They have had enough of America. Even God Himself has already given up on this nation that has abandoned Him.

A male school teacher in the U.S, named Lloyd asked us what to do about being told by a Christian school that he must teach his schoolchildren how to have sex, all kinds, even sex with animals. If you are reading this, Lloyd, since our broadcast was in the can before we could answer on the air, unless you have a considerable group of strong believers who want to get involved, you should resign. We thank God for finding you a better job and blessing you with the spirit of forgiveness for our perverse leaders who have let Satan rule the nation and the schools.

That’s how bad it’s gotten. But you don’t have to suffer the Great Tribulation like other Americans. Meet Jesus in His Sabbath, learn from our teachings, and God will meet you where you are and help you grow to be worthy to escape all these terrible things coming upon this nation and world. Seek Jesus with all your heart, and you and your family can be spared (Luke 21:36). Turnaround time for America is over. But your turnaround can begin today!

Jesus' Day of Joy Pastor Robert Scott
Why Angus T. Jones calls the Sabbath a BlessingWe realized when we changed the name of a chapter in the Bible Code Broken book on our A-Z section to reflect what it was mainly talking about, the Sabbath, the views shot up! We believe people are searching for an elusive joy they can only find by meeting Jesus on His day of joy, the Sabbath. So we include here the complete blog entry revised a bit, a blog that was highly popular. Please tell us why you have personally experienced joy by keeping the Sabbath. Tell us why you can see the joy coming if you  haven't kept it yet.

Angus T. Jones, a teen TV star, begin keeping the Sabbath recently, and the word he enthusiastically used to describe it was the word, "blessing." Indeed it is!

See why this blog brought so many responses a year or so ago...

How was your week? Have you had “issues,” problems that you are dealing with that are not yet resolved? Whatever our issues, they are always difficult for us. So we thank God that many of us have received the truth about the Sabbath and how we can lay down three hours before Friday sunset our weekly cares to Jesus so we can enter His special day of joy and rejoicing, no matter what our weekly circumstances have been.  If you didn’t, do it now. Here are a few verses to consider along these lines: Rom. 13:1-12 … for now salvation is nearer than when we believed. The night is almost gone, and the day is near…. [Sabbath day picturing the end of Satan's mess that intensifies in these last days] Jer. 31:13 I will turn their mourning into joy…joy for their sorrow… [Jesus is coming to replace the days of sorrow and tribulation by His rule of love, peace and joy]. We have resurrected our popular blog by the same title, so please go right now to…   and tell us why you like Jesus’ day of joy.

Mat. 25:21"His master said to him, 'Well done, good and faithful slave You were faithful with a few things, I will put you in charge of many things; enter into the joy of your master.' [Sabbath day pictures the joy the world will experience when Jesus replaces Satan as world ruler].

Psalm 16:11 You will make known to me the path of life; In Your presence is fullness of joy; In Your right hand there are pleasures forever.

Sabbath is the day to come into the joy of Jesus in a special way, having laid down the troubles of the week. Have you laid down your burdens to enter into the joy surrounding the presence of our Father Love, Jesus and the Holy Spirit? While God is with us always, He poured His presence into this day. That's why it is called holy, and no other day is called holy.

We pray God's Sabbath blessing of abundant joy upon all who read this. To the men we pray strength and courage, to the women inner strength and gentleness, and to the husbands, the grace to deal with your wives with understanding. To the wives, we pray you will be like Ruth and like Esther, deserving of praise, women of excellence in whose mouth is the law of kindness. To the children, we bless you with hope for your future, that your shalom will be great. And to all, we bless you with Shabbat shalom.