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Return to the Father's Heart
So the Earth Will Survive
Robert B. Scott

Return to the Father’s Heart

This crucial book will pave the way for the of coming Elijah of Malachi 4:5-6, who is prophesied to bring today’s absent fathers toward their neglected or jettisoned children and bring the heart of believers back to their Father in heaven. The book offers a solution to a pervasive problem among men today: their inability to forgive abusive fathers. This modern-day Elijah will “restore all things” (Mat. 17:11), including the true gospel of the Kingdom or Family of God, revealing the dangerous error of the grace revolution leading to the appearance of the man of lawlessness, an evil leader who will fight the second coming of Jesus. Click HERE to order your copy today!



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Freedom Blog


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Time to Lay Down Your Invisibility! Pastor Robert Scott
We wrote this the day before the lay down, and we ask in advance forgiveness to those who don't read long blogs and to those who are perfectionists. We just finished the work of a day, and we wanted our people to the east to have time to use this in their lay down on the new moon beginning tonight, and perhaps to reach Betty' s group in time to help a bit in their break off. In any case, we were not able to do any proofreading, and since the material was not ready to be uploaded to the A-Z or have a link at, and no subheads were written, we decided to simply put it as a long post for those who are hungry enough for truth to patiently wade through the text and get ideas for the lay down. Be blessed with a profitable lay down time. You can fill up by looking up "hiding place," "hiding," "shadow of your wings," etc. in a concordance. This, once edited, will be a part of our book on Malachi 4:6.

Here it is:

The Unseen Enemy Destroying Your Life and Marriage


What is the real cause of marital problems and most divorces? What is the root almost no one has discovered? Incompatibility? Unforgiveness? Financial disagreement? Wrong! It’s a cloak you’ve probably never heard of—a cloak virtually unknown to marriage counselors. It’s the cloak of invisibility. In the briefest of resumes, it’s being ignored or taken for granted by your mate. Most people have at one time or another been affected by the individual cloak of invisibility.

            Do people ignore you? Do you feel they don’t see or hear you? Do customers see other businesses and buy from them but don’t see yours? Have you been overlooked? Have you spoken words that keep even God from seeing and hearing you?

            These are vital questions that must be answered. How can God’s children turn their hearts to Father Love in these last days, as Malachi 4:6 prophesies, if our words keep our Father from seeing us? How can our hearts return to our Father?

            The Bible is full of examples of the cloak of invisibility. Joseph was made invisible when his jealous brothers threw him down into a well. This caused him to be hidden in a prison dungeon in Egypt. Officials could not see or hear his cause when a woman falsely accused him of sexual advances. God supernaturally removed the cloak because of His plan for Joseph, and he was made more than visible as the second in command in Egypt.

            It is no surprise that the psalm of David that deals with rejection, Psalm 31, also involves invisibility, since the two often go hand in hand. David said that he had become a reproach, especially to his neighbors and an object of dread to his acquaintances. He bemoaned, “Those who see me in the street flee from me. I am forgotten as a dead man, out of mind; I am like a broken vessel” (Ps. 31:11-12).

            At times he even felt invisible to God: “As for me, I said in my alarm [panic], ‘I am cut off from before Your eyes…’” (Ps. 31:22). He cried out, “My God, my God, why have you forsaken me? Far from my deliverance are the words of my groaning. O my God, I cry by day, but You do not answer; and by night, but I have no rest…” (Ps. 22:1-2).

            In these verses David was speaking Satan’s words. God had not really abandoned him. It just felt like it. We have all had times when we felt forsaken by God. And we have spoken similar words that became law and obliged Him to cooperate with the powerful words we spoke. We became at those times invisible to our Father.

            Yet, praise God, our Father had foreseen the solution to this cloak of invisibility before time and the world began. He spoke of the aleph-tav, the Alpha and the Omega in the very first verse of the Bible. These powerful titles of Jesus were repeated in that verse, the second time with the letter that means nail in front of them. They prophesied that He would take the nails for us to pay the price of invisibility.

            But Jesus went beyond that. He spoke out the words David spoke, words that were this time a reality. He could no longer sense the presence of His Father who had been with Him from eternity. The man in Him felt the pain, and He cried out for the very first time in all His sufferings. This was the greatest hurt of all that He endured.

            He couldn’t even say “Father.” He cried, “My God, My God, why have You forsaken Me?” Elohim is a name for God, but it is not a personal name. Jesus took on the cloak of sin and the cloak of invisibility for us. He was separated from His Father so that we could call out, “Abba, Father.”

            Jesus came to reveal the Father. And He came to make us visible to our Father and His by His blood. He carried the grief and sorrows of invisibility for us (Isa. 53:4). He was “stricken, smitten of God, and afflicted” (same verse).

            The Holy Spirit has revealed the process of our deliverance from this dreaded cloak. It took us a long time in many cases to open the door to this cloak. To see it removed, we need to understand what allowed it to be put on us in the first place. We need to lay down the pain of it on the new moon. We need to know how God wants us to break it off by the blood of Jesus.

            Understanding this cloak will help us in many ways. We can avoid putting it on again, and we can help others start the process of its removal in their lives, their marriages, and their businesses.

            Marriage counselors spend many hours helping people with relationship problems, but few counselors understand the root cause. Unforgiveness is a major issue. But what caused the unforgiveness in the first place? This cloak of invisibility is the cause of most divorces, but it has not been identified. God wants us to understand it. He wants to heal the marriages. And He wants to heal our hearts so they can turn to Him in this turbulent end time.

The Roots of Invisibility


            In order to have a full understanding of this subject, we must realize that most individual cloaks of invisibility have their roots in childhood rejection. Parents speak words that make a child feel unloved and rejected. Other authority figures, grandparents, teachers, uncles and aunts speak these words. They may be busy and so they say, “Get out of my sight.” The child receives these words in his or her heart.

            Between the ages of two and five children put a heavy demand on their parents, and parents will often speak words that make the child feel invisible. “Go away. Don’t bother me. Go play somewhere else.” These are examples of words of rejection, which is always present when the cloak is put on a child. The child feels, “Nobody wants me around.”

            Bonding is absent when the father does not cuddle the child when young. The child cannot smell the father’s scent and be comforted by his presence. Hearing his voice causes the completion of the imprint of his voice when they were in the womb. The birth was a traumatic experience, so the first reassurances they need are the voices of their parents. The mother was in stress and trauma during the delivery, so the child needs to hear the reassuring voice of the father especially. They need to be held by the father in the first three hours. If not, they expect to be rejected all their lives.

            When the child approaches the tumultuous time of hormonal changes during the teen years, they need lots of hugs and words of acceptance. Often parents tell them they were unplanned, and these labels and curses enforce the cloak.

            The labels that cause a child to say, “Nobody wants or loves me or recognizes me.” You are sowing those words as part of your identity. Those words will enforce the “unlovability,” “unwantedness,” and the cloak of invisibility. Those labels, unless ripped off, will affect them the rest of their lives. The fear of being rejected and unloved will follow them.

            Along with rejection and labels, abuse is another root of invisibility. When parents abuse children physically, verbally, sexually in and other ways, this is also a root of invisibility. They don’t get the attention and affection for which they hunger. They will consequently do things to get that attention. They will continually test the parents to see if they really love them. They need the boundaries of discipline and love.

            A parent may be drinking too much and takes out their frustration on the child. The child feels he in only a toy to be abused. The only way to avoid the abuse is to become invisible. The want to be protected by the demon of invisibility, and the cloak will later form. It becomes their protector and then their god.

            “God doesn’t want you anymore. If you disobey me, you are dishonoring your parent and you’re going to go to suffer in hell.” These are examples of spiritual abuse. Mental and spiritual abuse makes the child run to invisibility as his defender.

            Children will leave toys on the floor to see their parents’ reaction. It’s not a deliberate defiance. It’s a cry saying, “I need identity. I need to be seen. Does anybody know I’m here?”  When a parent takes the toy away, the child has confirmed he is only a toy to be thrown away and rejected. If their toy is taken away, they feel they can also be thrown aside and are only toys to be abused.

            When a child fails a test in school, parents will sometimes ground the child for a week, causing them to feel like a failure and a criminal. This abuse brings on the cloak and causes negativity and doubt to enter their lives for good.

            Mutaniak is a spirit that also enters into the invisibility equation. Your voice is heard as irritating, like the screech of a fingernail across a blackboard. People want to avoid hearing you. When their needs are not met, they start whining or crying. When you don’t respond properly, you enforce the cloak and this screeching voice. The child will test the parents to see if their needs and desires will be met. When parents pray over their children before bed, they are blessed with a good night’s sleep.

            Our Father does not hear whiny prayers. We make ourselves invisible when we complain and whine to Him.

            When a child makes a gift and it is not received, their feelings are hurt. They go to mutaniak as their defense. They begin to become tangential in their thinking rather than thinking conceptual. Yelling negativity into a child’s life when they break a glass means you value that glass above your child. When they do a labor of love that is imperfect without any thanks, they declare themselves invisible. That desire for recognition turn children into tattletales.

            Paul said when he did not have love, he became like “a noisy gong or a clanging cymbal” (1 Cor. 13:1). It works both ways. When a child doesn’t receive love, he feels like a clanging cymbal, and will even sound like it with his whiny, attention-seeking tone.

            We see so many throwaway children today because parents don’t show them they love them. They smother them with the cloak of invisibility until they are totally rejected and abandoned. Our apostle, who received this revelation, knows this subject also from personal experience. For many years he ran a group home for abused and abandoned teens, and he has almost forty guardianship children along with his two biological children. He has counseled such situations for fifty years, apparently a Canadian record.

            Bitterness is another part of this cloak of invisibility. The “everybody’s done me wrong song” is the favorite tune of these people. They look for hidden motives or agendas that are not really present. They are extremely suspicious. They can eventually be driven insane. Doctors give drugs to treat these psychoses, but it is a spiritual problem that can only be healed by the removal of the cloak in Jesus. That is the only way to heal the cause. They are only numb because of the drugs that dull the brain.

            Avoidance is another factor. People with this cloak go into hiding, “hermitism,” and avoidance because of all the failure. They avoid areas where they feel controlled or rejected. They can’t deal with these situations. Problems increase because of avoiding them. “I can’t deal with that,” they will say. “I don’t want to discuss this.” “I don’t want to see ______ ever again.” These phrases are from the spirit of avoidance, but they also strengthen the cloak.

            “That doctor thought I was a joke. He doesn’t understand or see my problem,” some will say. They will consequently see problems that are not truly there, slipping sometimes into the spirit of hypochondria, feeling invisible when the doctor says, “I can’t see anything wrong. It’s in your mind.” Avoidance is empowering these people to see these physical problems and to speak out “I can’t, I won’t, I don’t, I’ll never…” and other negative phrases.

            The “nobody knows the troubles I’ve seen” syndrome of loneliness is another important factor in this cloak. The two main aspects of loneliness are the lack of ability to communicate your problems and no ability to be seen or understood. These people will ostracize themselves, creating a self-fulfilling prophecy.

They are seen as anti-social and thus have a hard time holding a job. They become a burden to the employer when they are employed. They develop the slave and victim mentality. A lonely person can’t receive respect because they can’t sow that respect into others’ lives because they are invisible. They put the cloak over their mates.

“Unrecognizability” is another factor. They never trust people who give you a gift. They feel suspicious and a fear that the person is after something from them or seeking control. They have a hard time responding to expression of thanks to them or congratulation. You have declared you will not be recognized, so you can’t receive any recognition.

One competent bowler who rolled a perfect game could not receive the thousand-dollar check they earned. He thought he would have to repay by buying everybody a beer. They always see strings attached and ulterior motives to a gift.

They can’t receive from their mates. They discourage their mates from giving to them. That mate doesn’t therefore want to give and is made invisible. The offending mate thus receives a second, this time marital cloak of invisibility. Compassion is seen as a source of gossip. They seek sympathy but if you show them sympathy, they see you as undermining them and treat you with contempt. They twist everything that is done to help them. They create arguments over nothing, creating pains of silence. Their marriages usually do not last long.

We need to pray for each other in this matter, since even when we lay down the cloak to Jesus, Satan will try to bring it back. That’s why we need to understand what brings this cloak in.

Another aspect, common to all cloaks of invisibility, is a feeling of being left uninvolved, or “uninvolvable.”  This is a very disturbing and confusing position for both parties, in any relationship, whether it is father-son, mother-daughter or father-daughter.  If a teenager develops this uninvolved approach in the cloak of invisibility, the parents say something and they are not heard, or they say, “Let’s go do something,” and the teen says, ‘No, don’t take me, I’m not interested,’ and then they make everyone miserable along the way.

Family members, schoolteachers, and classmates have real difficulty dealing with those that have this uninvolved condition. They cannot become team members of anything.  They can’t work for a company and be part of an operation; they have to do things to corrupt the operation in one way or another.  They feel that no matter what they do, it is unimportant, so they can do whatever they want.

This creates so many disturbing and confusing conditions for both parties involved, that they don’t know how to handle one another.  If you come down condemning on them, they go tighter in their shell.  If you try to encourage them out of their shell, they backbite you.  They do want out, but they bite the hand that is pulling them out. The person with this cloak of invisibility attacks everybody that comes in contact with them with this “uninvolvement.”

   When you ask such people to do something, they say, “Well, go do it yourself.  If you want that done, go do it yourself.” Emptiness and incompleteness affect both parties  because of the avoidance and the uninvolvement.

We as a society were meant to need one another.  God made us to need one another, but we were meant to need Him most.  So, if you become uninvolved in church functions, or uninvolved in going to Sabbath services, or going to Bible studies, what you are saying is that you don’t want God involved in your life either.  It is amazing how people who have this uninvolved attitude or spirit of mind are so good at avoiding doing what they know God wants them to do. 

This uninvolvement brings in the spirit of murder.  Murder attaches itself to both men and women, but more to men. They are uninvolved, but they see someone else who is involved receiving accolades, and so jealousy sets in and jealousy brings in murder.  We see this in the schools, where we have these students who were such quiet students, and all of a sudden, they start killing everybody. They avoided being involved with anyone, so jealousy brings in the spirit of murder, which shuts down the logic, judgmental, and moral sections. The more and more prevalent shooting sprees are the result.

 When the demon leaves them, they can’t believe that they did what they did.  They think they were set up, and something happened; it just couldn’t have been them.  With the spirit of murder, comes the spirit of hatred.  A hatred of self, and then a hatred of everyone else, then comes a hatred of life, and then a hatred of God.

It is a progression.  Hatred starts small, and the easiest thing for a person to hate is himself.  If he has been wrongly punished or accused for something, he avoids contact with those who have wronged him. He starts hating himself because he supposes nobody loves him.  He then starts hating everyone else because he thinks, “I am always getting accused or I am being falsely charged.

Here’s an example: “The person behind me was copying off my notes on a test and I got zero because that person was copying my work and I didn’t know about it.”  This injustice establishes the root of hatred, hatred for the other person that was cheating, but also hatred for the teacher and everyone else who got good marks. They begin to hate life and God. Being penalized for what you didn’t do can leave you disenchanted with everything in life and bring in the blanket of hopelessness.

Coldness sets in.  Some refer to this as the dead fish syndrome.  When you are uninvolved, you cannot receive love.  A person goes to give you a hug, and the back and neck stiffens and you “unhug” the person. People tend to avoid coldness, even in a physical sense. Ever seen anyone sunbathing at minus forty degrees in a Canadian winter?

 The colder a person becomes under this uninvolvement, the more everyone around them avoids them.  It creates a “cold fish syndrome,” and even if they get married later on, they never try to please anyone else, including their mates.

The last factor in creating the cloak is called the common curse. Examples are:

·      I never want to see you again.

·      I hate the sight of you.

·      I wish you were never born.

·      We just can’t see each other ever again

·      If I live to be a thousand, I never want to see you again.

·      You are so whining that it is easier to sleep next to a generator working on overload than it is to be next to you.

·      With your luck, you will get lost and never find your way to my door again.

·      Get lost.

·      Do the world a favor and jump off a bridge.

·      Children are to be seen and not heard. (This means that any opinion, want, need, or any love you want to express is blocked. You must stand or sit quietly and not say or do anything until you are told to do so.  You are told what to think, what to say, and what to do.)

·      Why not take a long walk off a short pier

·      Do I have to have ______ on my team?  Can’t he be on someone else’s team?  For my last choice, I guess I have to choose you,  since there is nobody else left. 

·      If I had a choice of living with a bear, 1000 rattlesnakes, or you, I would always pick the bear, and the rattlesnakes.

·      I wouldn’t marry you if you were the last person on earth.

These are simple curses, but they give legal right for the cloak of invisibility.  They all have to be broken off, and if you said them, you must rescind them in Jesus’ name, and pray blessings upon the person you cursed so as to avoid backlash from the curse.

These curses all have the effect of making a person put on the cloak of invisibility.  They destroy hope and destroy a person’s character. They also destroy a person’s will to live as an overcomer or as a builder, one who can succeed and bring forth increase. All curses put you under the power of betrayal, unforgiveness, infirmity, and invisibility.  So, no matter where you are getting a curse from, it is still putting you under the power of betrayal, and all its arms to attack you, putting you under unforgiveness and infirmity.

This cloak of invisibility is not only destroying our society, but it is destroying the church.  It is stopping people from seeing themselves as part of God’s family, as children of God. Jesus prophesied this coldness of heart in the last days, saying, “most people’s love will grow cold” (Mat. 24:12), and the context shows He is talking about church people.

What would be the limits of the church is we all laid down to Jesus all aspects of invisibility? The church would shine like the light she is prophesied to be in Isaiah 60. That light would bring a great, end-time harvest of souls that see believers in Jesus set free.

It’s time we laid down invisibility to Jesus on the new moon. While we may have received the cloak when we were quite young and without much defense, we have kept accepting all our lives. We must recognize where we have sought refuge under a demonic cloak rather than seeking to hide in Jesus.

David told Jesus, “You are my hiding place…” (Ps. 32:7). He is waiting for us to hide under the shadow of His wings.



Brief Resume of Lay Down Items

Always rejection present   No ability to bond

Unlovable labels


Mutaniuk-  you and your work mean nothing to others

Bitterness-   turns others off; creates psychiatric disorders

Avoidance- we agree with those who want to avoid us; leads to hiding, living in your fantasies; grows like cancer; "I cannot deal with that…" puts you into failure mode

Loneliness - victim mentality

Unrecognizability- avoid receiving gifts, congratulations; with compliments -- "What are they after?" brings in contempt, seeing just the negative side of things; always in discouraged and discouraging mode

Part 2…We begin with the aspect of being…

 "Left uninvolved or uninvolvable" (common to all invisibility); brings in spirit of murder (especially men) --common in mass murders; hatred of self and others, of life and of God as this hatred progresses

Erosion- loss of confidence because they can't hear encouraging words;

Self-involvement because of being uninvolved with others; some in India actually contemplate their navels; perverted pleasure comes with self-involvement; quite hard to bring these people back to reality;

Brooding- must figure out everything that could go wrong before you act; brings…

Regrets - couda, wouda, shouda… put dreads on a pedestal;

Dreads- dread being seen, which brings back all of the above…


Vendetta comes along without fail



Willingness to lie

Infidelity - unable to carry out commitments expeditiously or correctly; can’t focus on the request; activates multiple personalities;

"The Common Curse" - "I never want to see you again." "I hate the sight of you." "We can't see each other ever again," all of which enforce the cloak of invisibility. "Get lost." "Do the world a favor, and jump off a bridge." "Children are to be seen and not heard." (Any opinion, want, need, or love to give or receive cannot be expressed.) "Do I have to have Joe on my team." "I guess we'll take you; you're last." "I wouldn't marry you if you were the last per

Destroy hope and kill character. Destroy hope to overcome. These curses put you under the power of invisibility and betrayal (with unforgiveness and infirmity).

Ever Felt Invisible? Pastor Robert Scott
You's be surprised how many people have a spiritual cloak of invisibility over them. It often starts with childhood rejection. Are you sure you are visible to those you interact with? Why do children turn into tattletales? You will learn why and learn much more about this cloak in Pastor Gerald's first radio message on the Individual Cloak of Invisibility. This is a good beginning to understand the cloak and how it comes on a person, and it is ideal for those under the marital cloak to be free first from the individual cloak. It's quite a process, but you will learn a lot that will bless you in other areas of life. Ask your questions about invisibility here. We will do our best to see and answer your questions.

Are You SURE Your Mate Sees You? (Listen to the audio!) Pastor Robert Scott
Our entries in A-Z on our church on the cloak of invisibility are quite popular right now. Did you know that the MAIN cause of marital problems and divorce is the cloak of invisibility? All marital problems inevitably have this root cause, which brings in unforgiveness.

Canadian comedian Leslie Neilson, Canadian native, in a comedy scene in a movie, was pretending to be a doctor. He walked into the intensive care unit (ICU) where there were two doctors. The doctors, realizing he was in the wrong place, informed him where he was. They said, "ICU." He said "ICU (I see you) too." That struck me as funny. Whether or not it strikes you that way, being seen is a big issue personally, in marriage, and in business and is the root cause of many failures. It is completely overlooking by marriage counselors, but this revelation fromt the Holy Spirit is a powerful one few know about. Check out our articles on it on our church site in the A-Z and tell us if you have symptoms of invisibility? Does your mate take you for granted? Are you, if you are a wife, just a housekeeper and meal provider and sex giver? Or are you truly heard and appreciated.If a husband, do you just bring in the bread and get no appreciation and respect for all your work and efforts? Have you forgiven your mate for making you invisible? When you ask for a date with your mate, do they say,"maybe, we'll see." Do they really listen to you? Or are they always distracted?

Listen to all three of Pastor Gerald's radio broadcasts on Marital Invisibility on this page of

Important points on invisibility for all concerned:
It is ideal to break off the cloak over yourself as an individual first before the marital one, but it is not absolutely necessary. If you are a believer and your mate is not, he or she cannot do the break off with you, but you can take authority over your mate and do it with one or preferable two other believers, and the same applies for the individual break off with communion. Jesus emphasized the importance of two or three gathered together and two or three witnesses.