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Return to the Father's Heart
So the Earth Will Survive
Robert B. Scott

Return to the Father’s Heart

This crucial book will pave the way for the of coming Elijah of Malachi 4:5-6, who is prophesied to bring today’s absent fathers toward their neglected or jettisoned children and bring the heart of believers back to their Father in heaven. The book offers a solution to a pervasive problem among men today: their inability to forgive abusive fathers. This modern-day Elijah will “restore all things” (Mat. 17:11), including the true gospel of the Kingdom or Family of God, revealing the dangerous error of the grace revolution leading to the appearance of the man of lawlessness, an evil leader who will fight the second coming of Jesus. Click HERE to order your copy today!



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Charlene Bishop
Charlene Bishop
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Would you celebrate Christmas if you knew that.... Charlene Bishop

The Moabites were worshippers of the God of prosperity, Chesmosh.  It was the same Chesmosh cast iron potbellied god as the Ammonites worshipped – Molech.  They both wore the Phygian cap which was worn by Tammuz and Babylon and later Mithra in Rome.  At the time of the winter solstice, December 25th, they had a public mass, a child mass, mass meaning sacrifice on the winter solstice.  The priests stoked the iron image of the enthroned Chemosh with wood and burning pitch, turning their potbellied god into a cherry red furnace.  People made long lists of their desires and recited them to their god of prosperity just before they put their infant children into the red hot lap of their cherished god with his Phygian cap.  As the babies were incinerated the people in the Dec. 25 child mass were assured that their sacrifice would be rewarded in the coming year.  On the same day south of Israel the Egyptians celebrated their Sun God Ra.  An Egyptian hieroglyph shows Ra castrating himself just as the Greek legend tells of the Greek god Attis performing the same surgery on himself.  Worshippers of Ra would hang gold and silver balls on an upright palm tree as Jeremiah reports it and place their decorated gifts to the sun god under the tree decorated with the gold and silver testicles of Ra.  This main custom was celebrated on the birthday of Ra, December 25th.   When Israel adopted this custom they did this with an evergreen tree which they cut out of the forest and erected it with hammer and nails so that it would not topple over and decorated it with silver and gold balls.  In the 1600’s it was illegal to have a Christmas tree or even or even a Christmas service in America.  The pilgrims knew that it was pure pagan sun god worship.  These are occult practices.  The origins of Christmas are well documented from the Encyclopedia to numerous historical documents.  This particular information I am sharing today was transcribed from a Youtube video by Michael Rood.  I chose it because of the concise manner which he summarizes the reason for the season.

Are you a Scrooge? Charlene Bishop

What makes a person a scrooge?  Does not giving your children a lot of Christmas presents make you a Scrooge?  How about not keeping Christmas, does that make you a scrooge?  If you don't give gifts to employees, parents, and others at Christmas time does that make you a scrooge?  A scrooge is defined as a miserly person, a cheapskate, penny-pincher, tightwad.  I had a call today from a parent who was fighting the feeling of guilt because this year they only had money for two presents for their child.  They wondered why they felt guilty.  Will a lot of gifts fill a child with love?  The most precious gift we can give a child, friend, parent or other loved one is... time.  When there is an occasion where a gift is appropriate why not wrap up a box with a certificate on the inside that requires your time.  If we are honest, we are miserly, a scrooge with our time.  We want to spend our time on things that please us.  How many children, parents, siblings, co-workers feel totally invisible to us?  They don't even rate on our time radar.  What a child really needs is our time, face to face time where we just listen and hear them.  Throwing gifts at a child to satisfy your guilt is damaging.  Wrap up a gift of time.

Perplexing Reaction to Co-Worker Charlene Bishop

I was talking to a co worker yesterday about a young boy that did something wrong and is now in trouble with the law. My co-worker has a personal connection with the victim of this young boy.  When my co worker started crying about the pain the victim was feeling it made me very annoyed.  I was perplexed at why my co workers sensitivity to the victim would cause me to be annoyed.  It bothered me so much it was hard to get to sleep and I woke up thinking about the situation.  I had no peace.  The answer I received is that because there are people in my life who believe I am unworthy of forgiveness it has caused a bitterness in me.  That bitterness and pain in me met the unforgiveness/bitterness my co-worker has for the young boy.  My co-worker believes that because of what this young boy has done he is unworthy of forgiveness just like those in my life believe I am unworthy of forgiveness.  I thank Jesus for the empowerment to lay down the pain of being deemed unworthy of forgiveness, unworthy of compassion, of a new day, of being listened to and heard.  Thank you Jesus that you see me worthy of forgiveness and that You give me a new day.  Thank you Father for blessing that young boy and all individuals involved with the gift of forgiveness so that the destruction can stop now before more are hurt and injured.  Unforgiveness is like you drinking arsenic and then expecting the other person to die.

Power and Protection Charlene Bishop
This last weekend I had the opportunity of being with the youth of our church talking about the up coming Fall Festival.  We learned about the power and protection that these days have brought to God's people throughout the centuries.  Time and time again in the bible we see where God's chosen people prospered when they kept all the commandments, statutes and ordinances of God.  Every time they forgot the law of God and turned to the false gods of the nations around them they fell into slavery.  No different today!  We see God's people again going into slavery.  Our youth were taught the meaning of the word grace from the Ancient Hebrew.  The word is made up of a letter meaning a "pitched tent" or "to camp" and a letter meaning "wall."  The Israelites would set up their tents in a sort of circle and these tents served as "a wall."  Another word from the Parent root is the letter for foot and the letter for wall which is "feast"  The participants of a festival would gather together and dance in a circle.  Additional meanings are  keep, feast, celebrate, dance, holy day, reel to and fro.  Grace is the empowerment these Holy Days bring to us.  Their deep and diverse meanings show the power of God, the plan of God and hope for mankind.  When we keep these days we can boldly stand with Jesus against our enemies because through the Holy Days we learn who Jesus is, what He did for us and in that deeper understanding of our identity in Him we can take the sword of the Word and speak boldly against our enemies.  For information regarding the ancient Hebrew refer to the "Ancient Hebrew" website by Jeff A. Benner.

The Gates of Jerusalem Charlene Bishop
This week I have been reading Nehemiah.  I made a list of all the names of the gates of Jerusalem that Nehemiah and the people were rebuilding.  I want to know the real Hebrew meanings of each of the gates and then the meanings of each of the names that will be on the gates of new Jerusalem.   The Sabbath is a door/gate to Jesus and the covenants so each of these gates must carry a purpose and meaning.  We had listened to Beth Moore's Wednesday bible study when she talked about the man at the Beautiful Gate.  This gate was beautiful because of what it was made of and because it was the gate of forgiveness.  The man's healing manifested at the gate of forgiveness.  I invite you to add any research you have regarding this topic.

Shame on You! Charlene Bishop

Recently two people I know inadvertently insulted a client.  As we were working out how to resolve this situation we learned more about each other and the root of why we react to particular situations the way we do.  One of the people, in particular, goes right to saying sorry, feels very condemned and defensive.  This person has a love for the youth that she works with and is doing a great job so why so much fear, condemnation and defensiveness?  As we got deeper into why, it was revealed that she had been told "shame on you" many times as a young person.  When a child falls down do you say "shame on you?" or do you just pick them up and brush them off encouraging them to go forward.  What about teenagers when they make a mistake?   For more information read "Freedom from Shame."