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Return to the Father's Heart
So the Earth Will Survive
Robert B. Scott

Return to the Father’s Heart

This crucial book will pave the way for the of coming Elijah of Malachi 4:5-6, who is prophesied to bring today’s absent fathers toward their neglected or jettisoned children and bring the heart of believers back to their Father in heaven. The book offers a solution to a pervasive problem among men today: their inability to forgive abusive fathers. This modern-day Elijah will “restore all things” (Mat. 17:11), including the true gospel of the Kingdom or Family of God, revealing the dangerous error of the grace revolution leading to the appearance of the man of lawlessness, an evil leader who will fight the second coming of Jesus. Click HERE to order your copy today!

Sample Passover Service


Sample Passover Service



Introductory Comments

"Do not fear, says the Eternal (Jesus), for I have chosen you; I have formed you in the womb for such a time as this. You belong to Me for I have bought you with My Life and washed you in My Blood."


"I AM the First and I AM the Last; there are NO OTHER GODS BEFORE ME. It is I who pour out My Spirit upon you. It is I who have given you My Sabbath rest, and it is I who have given you My NAME for power, authority and for life. You belong to Me and I belong to you. Where I am you are, and where you are I AM, for you are MY ambassadors and witnesses upon the earth."

"I say onto you and into your heart: DO NOT TREMBLE and DO NOT be afraid of the days to come; I have made your way clear, straight and level. Your enemies are under your feet. My Right Hand destroys ALL strongholds in your life; all weapons formed against you, and all who raise their hand against shall be broken and ashes beneath your feet."

"Arise I say, Arise! Take up My Word and speak it into the land, for your day has come. DO NOT FEAR, for you will not be forgotten by Me."

"In this Passover, I have wiped out ALL YOUR TRANSGRESSIONS like a thick cloud – burnt off, and ALL your sins like a heavy mist – blown away. Return to Me with all your heart in this covenant meal for I have welcomed you, My beloved brothers; I have died for you so that this time of abundance will be yours, now and forever."

"I say to you, My brothers, Rejoice! Shout for JOY for I have overcome Satan for you, I have overcome Death for you, and I have overcome the world for you. You are MINE, for you are the Redeemed; the heavens are yours. The earth trembles when you speak My words. Shout JOYFULLY, for in the covenant of this day you are clothed in the armor of your Father: clothed in the cloak of My Righteousness and shielded by My Glory."

"I say to you, My brothers, REJOICE in this day of abundance because the time has come for you to see My Word confirmed as you speak it. The day of My messengers has come, for you have kept My Passover; I shall now perform great wonders in you and through you. You are mine and I am yours because you have learned to die to self and live your life through Me. The day of the latter and former rains has come. Your love of Me now ensures that NOTHING YOU ASK IS RESTRAINED FROM YOU."

"Rejoice, I say Rejoice, for in this covenant all My desires for Good shall be manifested. You are the pillars of My temple. You are My choice to the world, and you are My branch upon Me – your vine. The Holy Spirit flows deeply to you this night and hereafter. Rejoice! My Peace I have given you, and My Rest – you have honor. I am with you and in you ALWAYS."

"Rejoice, for I AM your SALVATION; you will not be put to shame or humiliated throughout all eternity. In this Passover covenant, I have made your way sure; therefore, I say to you – who are written firmly into My Book of Life – Rejoice, abundance has come!

Foot Washing

"I am Jesus, who speaks to you in Righteousness; declaring those things that are upright for you." You have turned to Me and are saved. "My Purpose will be established in you and for you, as I will accomplish ALL MY GOOD for you; for I have redeemed you to be My brothers and sisters."

Read John 13:4-15.

For I gave you an example, that you should do for your brother just as I did for you. "If you do NOT wash one another's feet, you have NO PART with Me – your heart is set upon betrayal, not upon My Love."

"Go now and wash one another's feet, that in My covenant with you, you will declare each other clean before your Father and you."

Declare: "Your sins are forgiven – You are clean all over; be part of the covenant of Jesus."

"By this, ALL men shall know that you are My disciples; you have washed away all the dirt of betrayal from your brothers – you have shown that you love one another."

"The Body"

Father, we are here united in purpose. We are determined to press forward with the body of Jesus (as His bride), in the body of Jesus (our Redeemer, Savior, and Divine Master), and with Jesus in us – that we may become more like You in oneness and love.

We ask Your blessing upon this bread to be the Body of Jesus, that as we take it in this covenant we may grow to be more like You.

As Jesus mastered Satan and put him under His feet – crushing his dominion power, his power to bring sin and death, and his right to steal – We, Your chosen Sons and Daughters break off all of Satan's holds over our life.

We are Your ambassadors of Your Kingdom, Father, and we hereby break off all ties to the kingdom of death and darkness, as well as all ties to the ways of the world and its pressures; and Father , as we are seekers and preachers of Righteousness, we acknowledge that the body of Jesus was broken for our freedom.

~Serve the Body

(Once everyone is served)
As we prepare to break the body of Jesus and claim our freedom, we now take the body of Jesus, acknowledging our need for Him to work change in our life, to break off whatever needs removing, and to open our minds to more of You Father. We thank You, Father, for Jesus and our freedom from the power of death.

~Break the Body

"The Blood"

Father, we ask Your blessing upon this wine (and juice) to be the Blood of Jesus, that we may celebrate our life in Jesus; as well as celebrate our victory over the kingdom of Death, over Satan, the world, and our flesh.

We, Your family, are seeking full oneness with You; even as You & Jesus have full oneness in Love. We also seek to be healed of all wrong habits, wrong desires, wrong works and all openings that we have not turned over to Jesus. As Jesus has overcome the world, Satan, and His flesh, we seek Your empowering grace to do the same.

We declare that we hate evil and love good. We are here to glorify You, Father, by allowing Jesus to reign in our life. We call for the renewing of our minds and hearts by the Holy Spirit so that soul prospers in the fullness of Shalom.

Father, we your sons and daughters are here to give You thanks for Jesus and all that He has done. We will NOT FEAR; we will rejoice & be glad, Father, that all glory, power and honor is Yours.

As we now drink of the blood of life in this Passover covenant, we "seal in" our our love for You, Father, and for all that Jesus has done for us and in us.

In Jesus' Name, Amen & Amen

Main Message

Unless we take the Passover, Jesus said we have no part with Him (John 6:53), and that includes the foot washing (John 13:8). It is God's solution to cleanse us from the pollution we see around us in the world. Are you caught up in this world's pollution and deception? God has revealed Himself as a Family. He made it to be a good Family. Are you releasing good in your life to help others? Passover was envisioned to release goodness into the world, redeeming all the bad that came into the world the day Adam and Eve made bad all the good God had made. In fact, the day they sinned was Passover day.

This day was to reestablish the blessing put upon Adam and Eve in the garden. Keeping the Sabbath, the only doorway now to God's throne, along with the Passover, allows us to be the light and salt of the world. Where do we stand? What are we caught up in?

In Eden God had given the very best He could give to His children. They knew they were wanted and loved. They walked with Jesus in the cool of the day. But something happened that changed everything. And the one who messed everything up is trying to destroy our walk with Jesus today.

Releasing problems to Jesus is a key. How much have you not released? The more you hold onto, the more your heart becomes Laodicean (Rev. 3:14). You become rich in your own mind. That's how it started with Adam and Eve. God fulfilled all their wants and blessed them abundantly. He clothed them with His glory so that nothing could injure them. They had blessings they did not cherish. They were "bored" with God. Are you? Are you happy with your walk with God?

The Passover allows a new beginning, reestablishing your walk with God so that you can get "back to Eden." Do you really want it? Or are things of the world more important? Are you walking hand in hand with the taxman or bill collector -- or hand in hand, as a song says, "with the man from Galilee"? What motivates you? We are in the Laodicean era of the church, but we don't have to adopt that attitude of nonchalance and routinism.

Are you Kingdom oriented or darkness oriented? One foot in the church and one out? Are you a support and help to your brothers, or a hindrance? The Passover can cleanse all that. You have a right to be cleansed from all the mistakes of your past walk and walk afresh with God.

Jesus' words to Adam and Cain are for us today: "Where are you?" "What have you done?" These are prophetic questions for us in this time of tribulation. What have you done since last Passover that has hindered your walk? Have you been complaining? Complaining is divisive. When Satan deceived Eve, he started out in a whining, complaining tone. His words made Eve adopt the Laodicean attitude. Satan wants you out of "Eden." Will you adopt the nonchalant attitude, as did Eve and Adam?

This year is a year of overflow. Whether that means an overflow and excess of problems or blessings depends on you.

The Passover is a time of reflection. Satan's anger is raised against the church of Love (God). Routinism is Laodicean in its nature. One time won't hurt, we think. But Jesus says as He did to Adam and Eve, "I know your deeds, that you are neither cold nor hot." He's talking to our era of the church. He's saying, "You are nonchalant, stuck in routinism and compromise, lukewarm. I will vomit you out of my mouth. I know your heart is not for Me. Your lack of zeal makes me sick to my stomach. The thought of your lack of zeal, love, trust, forgiveness, thankfulness, and purpose makes me want to vomit. Like my children in the garden, you think you are rich. You don't see your lack. You don't see your need for Me. You can't see your wretchedness and nakedness. You are missing the five chief graces. Your worldly concerns cause you to be fodder for the destroyer's armies. You have no access to My armor. Without Me your are naked. Without My armor, you can't be steadfast. You have chosen worldly cares and ways to be your Savior --not Me. Where is your light? The only legal right the witches have to put chain mail on your houses is your nonchalance. Buy from Me gold tried in the fire of trial. Gold represents "the real thing" -- real love and purpose. Buy your garment of purity from Me. You are naked because you have rejected My glory. Did you come to Passover naked? I want you at this Passover to reclaim the glory, to redress yourself in My glory. The Laodicean attitude throws off the glory. Come receive My Glory."

This day acknowledges the coming of sin into the world. Jesus paid the price where Cain killed Abel to break off those curses by His blood shed where Abel's was shed. We need the eye salve Jesus offers so that we can see the unprofaned truth of God. Can you see the truth? Can you see God's love -- or only what you lust after? Do you lust after what you can find to complain about, even when you have everything? That complaining spirit will cause the end-time betrayals between brothers of which Jesus spoke.

Jesus said, "I reprove those I love" (Rev. 3:19). "Be zealous and repent! I'm knocking on your door. If you hear My voice, I'll come in and dine with you. I'll eat the Passover with you [and the marriage feast]." The world looks at communion and foot washing as symbols, but they are reality. They are powerful. They prefer the "sex magic" and paganism of Easter. Are you hearing Jesus knock at your door this Passover. Do you want Jesus to dine with you? The communion seal was used to establish the Sabbath covenant with Adam and Eve, opening the gateway to God's throne. The Laodicean attitude can be washed away at the Passover foot washing if you so desire. Money worries are not the key. Jesus is the key. It's repentance time -- time to declare your full commitment to Jesus. Render unto Caesar that which is Caesar's. Worldly cares are of the world -- of Caesar.

Passover is change time -- time to renew your walk with Jesus. The times just ahead are critically important. Will you be ready for the rapture? The things of God belong to God, and those who guard those sacred things belong also to God. As Adam was a priest to guard God's garden, so are we. Passover can wash away all the effects of the Laodicean attitude and the falseness that has crept in.

Closing Blessing

Blessed are you who have chosen Jesus as your King & Savior. All that you have asked for is yours. All that you have sown for seeks to come upon you and return a great harvest.

Blessed are you who have the authority of Jesus in you; for your destiny is assured, your testimony [is?] assured, and your shield is complete in the blood of the Lamb.

Blessed are you who have the Righteousness of Jesus, the faith to forgive, and the steadfastness to show mercy, to sow peace, and to be gentle in a land filled with hate & greed; because yours is the Kingdom of God which shall shortly come upon the whole earth. Your crown of rulership is assured.

Truly, you are blessed when men persecute you for Righteousness's sake, for you are the brothers of Jesus.

Therefore, go in peace, for Jesus will never leave you nor forsake you. You are blessed in the Name of Jesus.

~~[Final Songs]~~