Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Return to the Father's Heart
So the Earth Will Survive
Robert B. Scott

Return to the Father’s Heart

This crucial book will pave the way for the of coming Elijah of Malachi 4:5-6, who is prophesied to bring today’s absent fathers toward their neglected or jettisoned children and bring the heart of believers back to their Father in heaven. The book offers a solution to a pervasive problem among men today: their inability to forgive abusive fathers. This modern-day Elijah will “restore all things” (Mat. 17:11), including the true gospel of the Kingdom or Family of God, revealing the dangerous error of the grace revolution leading to the appearance of the man of lawlessness, an evil leader who will fight the second coming of Jesus. Click HERE to order your copy today!

Why Is the Last Great Day Called Great?


Why Is the Last Great Day Called Great?



Why Is the Last Great Day Called Great?The Last Great Day is not even considered to be a feast day by the majority of Christians and Jews who keep these days God call His own, not the feasts of the Jews (Lev. 23:2). As the Catholics have avoided the second commandment because they have idols in their sanctuaries, so Christians and Jews who know about God’s days are being limited by a lack of knowledge (Hos. 4:6) because they aren’t paying attention to every word of God (Ma. 4:4) as Jesus commanded.

God, however, calls this day great for several reasons. Jesus called this day great when He proclaimed that all could come one day and drink of the waters of eternal life. Few have understood this truth because they don’t obey God by keeping this day.

This day is great because it prophesies the time of the judgment at the great white throne of the Father (Rev.20:11). All mankind will be mercifully given a time of salvation when the book of eternal life is opened to them, and God will also give them a time of judgment, a life of knowing Jesus to be judged for a reward according to their works, as we are today.

This day is great because the great evil created by Satan’s rebellion will be eradicated, replaced by new Heavens and a New Earth where dwells only light and truth.

Finally, and this is the emphasis of this sermon, this day is great because it demonstrates the greatness of our Father’s love, one of the most important truths we can know. We can only love as we grasp how much our Father loves us.

Keeping this day is the best way to understand how much our Father loves those He has called now and those He will call to salvation on this day.

We should grieve with our Father today as He mourns those He will lose forever, and we should be thankful that all mankind will be given an opportunity to know the great love of our Father forever.

Jesus died for all at Passover, the first feast of God. Today we see the proof that few know, the evidence that our Father gave Jesus to die for all mankind who ever lived on earth. His Great plan of love for all is fulfilled on this Last Great Day.

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