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Return to the Father's Heart
So the Earth Will Survive
Robert B. Scott

Return to the Father’s Heart

This crucial book will pave the way for the of coming Elijah of Malachi 4:5-6, who is prophesied to bring today’s absent fathers toward their neglected or jettisoned children and bring the heart of believers back to their Father in heaven. The book offers a solution to a pervasive problem among men today: their inability to forgive abusive fathers. This modern-day Elijah will “restore all things” (Mat. 17:11), including the true gospel of the Kingdom or Family of God, revealing the dangerous error of the grace revolution leading to the appearance of the man of lawlessness, an evil leader who will fight the second coming of Jesus. Click HERE to order your copy today!

Notes for the Days of Unleavened Bread


Free from Falseness

 Notes for the Days of Unleavened Bread


Pastor Gerald Budzinski


Free from Falseness

Paul sums up these days as a feast of “sincerity and truth” (I Cor. 5:8), contrasting with the Pharisaical leaven of hypocrisy (Luke 12:1).  We accept falseness because of unrepented sin.  The falseness justifies the sin, relieves its pain and brings rebellious spirit.  Don’t see God working in our lives. Examine ourselves to see if we have accepted any of the following into our lives. Have you accepted a ...

False Jesus - weak, helpless, effeminate, baby in manger, hanging on cross, did away with law.  You may have Jesus in your spirit but a false Jesus in your heart that prevents truth from being accepted and retained.

False Holy Spirit - demon (e.g. New Age spirit) pretends to be light or wisdom mimics Holy Spirit; often comes by seeking the supernatural and emotional; can invite this demon in by hypnosis, loud music; teaches your heart not spirit; twists truth; can bring false tongues (only earthly languages); brings rituals, religiosity.

False Gospel - not about Jesus’ Kingdom and righteousness; about a Jesus who said just love one another, no need to keep Sabbath; sickness and poverty gifts from God; will only accept teaching that support the false.

How Break Off Falseness? Acknowledge and confess it; reject all involvement; repent; ask Holy Spirit’s help to reject and further reveal it; call for truth; surrender old brain patterns to Jesus; praise Him for the freedom! Get rid of the old at this feast of love, taking on the love of God.

Love- self-esteem not self-worth; love me not you; possessing (or being possessed), controlling,  manipulative, not giving; sources: mainly idol worship (movies, soaps, romance novels, heroes), not loving God with all heart; also emotional loss, rape, incest, caring for someone who abuses you, rejected or abandoned by parents (look to man not God to compensate); brings insecurity, insincerity, addictions.

Doctrine- lie or twisting of Bible truth; sounds right but not; signs: self-righteousness, doubt God wants to bless you, irritated by righteous; resist correction by Word, “God knows my heart”, “It’s too hard for me.”

Visions- bring anxiety and self-righteousness, importance, seeking personal gain, bored by reading Word; must test visions by Word; e.g., married pastor had vision of him marrying secretary.

Prophecies- any word spoken over you not of God; astrology; comforting words of pity; to test, say, “If not from You, let it be gone from my mind”; diagnosis (curse) from doctor; palm readings; tea leaves; demonic dream; power of sin sending wrong thought messages; speaking wrong things over self; singing songs, hearing sermons (or clapping for them) not of God; produces blockages to blessings.

Prayers- manipulate free will or desires or God’s will (“You let me have this now and I’ll do this”); e.g., “Make (name) do ___ or change ___” (Pray they walk in God’s will, not just to please you); seek specific vengeance from God; judge another; puts limits or conditions on God; call for another to commit sin; blocks promise of God (“if” healing prayer); call on demons to do your bidding; pray to dead; curse or condemn others (“Help me deal with this bitch”); gives self-glory; mocks God; goes against God’s Word or plan; not recognizing Jesus (“Lord” prayers); heartless and repetitive; worshiping flaw or sickness, grieve Holy Spirit; some sources: attacked by bad news; holding back things to be turned over to Jesus; dwelling on others’ failures; lying heart; carnality; “others pray that way”; power of sin; false pastors and brothers.

Signs you are victim of false prayers: frustration; no blessings; sudden pain in between or under shoulder blades; burdens “too much”; burnout; emotional breakdowns, backlash to your prayers.

Anointings- imparted by someone who does not have it to give; faked anointing; one God has not ordained; one that cannot be walked in (cannot be anointed to be another person); one from Satan (“wish me luck” is asking for an anointing from Satan). Sources: music that praises “the Lord” (Baal); touch from false spirit; Bible translations that promote error in thinking and acting; TV preachers that offer anointings by paying money; preachers seeking and pleading for money more than God; brings selfish prayers.

Knowledge- deceptive word, superstition accepted as God-ordained law; sources: “Do whatever our teacher says”; questions discouraged so you don’t prove all things; loss of wonder at what God’s doing; submitted to spirit of control; alcoholic parents (accept their lies); signs: dullness to others’ needs; give advice too quickly, have all the answers; fear, doubts; not secure in God’s love; can’t speak Word, trust God; distress.

Wisdom- knowledge of good and evil; comes from flesh or Satan; deception, rebellion; signs: desire to be seen, accepted by men; need to interrupt and overpower, have last word, be right; sources: accepting flattery; seeking gossip; striving for acceptance from hard-nosed, inexpressive dad, addictions.

Hope- comes from wish, lust, “if only” rather than standing on promises; sources: debts, oppressions that don’t go away; platitudes; not hearing and speaking Word; envy of those blessed; signs: expect failure; excuses; seek pleasing words; not keeping your word; need to spend self into debt; can’t stand fast.

Joy- temporary emotional high; rush caused by sin; pagan feast days; Lord songs, sugar, food, drug, sex binges; gambling; voyeurism; signs: bored quickly; not focused; stomach problems; need to be entertained.

Understanding- own interpretation of Word without Holy Spirit; source: Word ignored for Satan’s word; assumption and unbelief join to make pronouncement; carnal schools; evolution; doctrines of demons; hermeneutics; uninspired teachers; signs: doubt; no hope; faith in Satan not God; can’t see God work.

Purposes- Satan gives us purposes out of God’s will leading to strife, burnout, illness; identify ourselves with a job, status; self-sufficiency; “man must eat by sweat of his brow”; “God help those who help themselves”; signs: need to live in fantasy when failure comes; neglect of family; fear of failure.

Destiny- perversion of God’s plan for your life adopted by false expectations; authoritative curse of uselessness; sources: “sinner” songs; teasing with bad nicknames; playing “make believe”; signs: can’t accept depth of God’s love, accept new identity; downgrade self; feel used, need to be abused (guilt).

Precepts- single ideas (e.g. water runs downhill) grouped together to make concepts, method God uses to teach us; Satan deceives by precepts, confusing the concept; sources: carnal schools, books, teachings, friends, TV, music; mistranslations; nursery rhymes; Xmas toys, tooth fairies, Easter bunnies, Santa; signs: hard to learn and unlearn, remember; resist change; chronic fatigue; lack trust in God and Christians.

Concepts- ideas that present a whole picture, in this case a twisted one (e.g., blueprint; God’s laws: not kill includes hate, curses, etc.); looks, sounds good but kills, like pollution in river; signs: need to cling to false doctrine (takes only one bad idea to turn good concept into bad – little leaven leavens lump); “puffed up.”

Brethren- call Jesus “Lord” but no desire to obey, love or change; raise doubts about true Christians, spread gossip, form cliques; cause real Christians to feel betrayed and get bitter; there are also “tares” that have accepted false Jesus; having them as friends leads you to gossip, driven approach, out of touch with God.

Revival- emotional high brought by feeling of belonging or feeling touch of false Holy Spirit; no changes; sources: Lord songs; revival meetings not called by God; signs: accent on self, look good for others.

Peace- one that doesn’t come from God; (e.g., vacations to hide from life; drug-induced trances; retreat not of God; rejection syndrome; live as recluse); signs: insecurity; worthlessness; agitation; anger-rage.

Identity – causes you to run from God like Adam when he sinned; makes you think God brings bad things upon you and Satan brings the good; leads to illness, poverty, gluttony and sexual perversion; sources: TV, books, music, peers, pastors with no identity; signs: self-gratification; fantasy; depression; drugs, sex, etc.

Armor- comes from Satan and is against God (opposite of God’s armor); helmet like cauldron over head to keep you from hearing and speaking Word; breastplate becomes a brittle, clay plate around heart to stop flow of love and keep heart from hearing from the spirit man; sword is a condemning tongue bringing guilt, shame upon you and others; belt is a net that hangs down to your feet and trips you up; sources: accept false teaching that doesn’t work and sows seeds of doubt (“God doesn’t love me”); see self as sinner.

Barriers or Shields- designed to look good to carnal mind but allows Satan’s arrows in; false shield from false Jesus; work up own faith; true shield comes from hearing Word spoken into your soul; sources: not reading Word aloud; listening to soulish, non-corrective sermons; denying any part of Word; obey feelings; signs: emotional responses at slightest challenges; quickly overwhelmed; relief sought in bad habits.

Judgments- accepting them takes away peace, brings guilt, condemnation, persecution; sources: accepting accusations, especially regarding past sins, gossip, criticism, without rejecting them in Jesus’ name.

Expectations- expect to fail, God’s promises not for you; usually based on doctrines of demons; e.g. “nice to have a bonus, but we’ll get a bill instead”; sources: false love, prophecies; lack of knowledge about God and Word; signs: negativity; demanding attitude; procrastination; doubt; paranoid cautiousness.

Support [includes promises]- series of broken promises, those you make and break to yourself, others or God; go from standing on God’s promises to doing things in yours strength; destroyer of trust, identity; judgment against you; sources: speak, act in flesh; name, claim without obedience; signs: distress.

Praise, Songs- phrases that mock God (e.g., forgiven, but trapped by past; Lord songs); signs: doubt.

Sexual Roles- e.g. male identifies himself as female; false sexual roles absorbed by sitcoms; sources: wrong training re: what real male, female should be; bad role models; signs: need to gratify self or hate other sex.

Ways- any other way than Jesus; led by emotions; appeal to pride; rebellion to God’s law; broad way hating restrictions; marriage God didn’t bless; sources: accepting false Christian as true, false pastor, doctrines.

Alliances- outside God’s direction; unequally yoked in marriage, business (II Cor. 6:14).

Vows- statement committing you to carry out some action for benefit of another; e.g.: marriage; secrecy; church membership; confession of faith in church beliefs; financial pledges not of God; to army.

Coverings (shield, protection)- from churches (God our only covering – Ps. 91).

Bonds- “I will…believe…do”; marriage, blood; ring, band, day, seal, mortgages; bonded only to Jesus.

Bindings- tied to church, group that controls you, allows you to see only what they want you to see.

Dedications- sets you apart for commission (christening; confirmation; nun, monk; ordination).

Oaths- binding God to what you declare in swearing mocks God’s name; Jesus said not to swear at all.


Prayers for Release from Falseness

You will find a general prayer at the end for the release from all falseness. About half of the areas of falseness are presented as examples below to guide you in your prayer. You may use the two sheets resuming falseness to help you in praying the general prayer for the remaining areas of falseness.

Father, we come to confess the areas of falseness we have allowed ourselves to participate in.  We confess false ways and paths that led us to seek emotional highs instead of spiritual highs, the rebellion to your commandments, laws, statues, ordinances and understanding – these things that appeal to our pride and vain thinking. / We confess speaking false praise and singing false songs that twisted Your Word into a lie and caused others to accept a false Jesus or a false identity – any praises to Baal (Lord), songs that belittled Jesus’ sacrifice, that said we were sinners. / We confess our involvement in false support – the promises we made to others and never kept, the promises we made to You and didn’t keep, the promises we receive from You that we have not held fast to, for accepting promises from Satan, for making promises to ourselves and breaking them, for accepting promises from Satan instead of from You, Father, and for not doing and promising what we should have committed ourselves to as led by the Holy Spirit.  We see that false support in our lives has caused us to lose trust in You and even make judgments against You.  Even our ability to walk in our identity is diminished. / We confess our involvement with false expectations.  We look to people, to wishes, to doctrines of demons, to failure, to false preaching and prophecies, to false love, to worldly desires and knowledge to judge You and make base our expectations upon these wrong sources. We have dwelt on the negative and not made Your goals our plan but fleshly goals.  We have developed demanding attitudes, a fear of going forward in Your Word, and a willingness to do things in our own strength. / We confess that false judgments pulled us away from You, Father. We have surrendered our peace to Satan and accepted his words of guilt, shame, condemnation and His persecution in our lives.  We have walked under the umbrella of ridicule, gossip, criticism, accusation, self-induced cutting and a need to classify ourselves as garbage. We have seen ourselves biting back at others, holding in internal pain, not turning it over to the cross, sulking, seeking to justify and glorify ourselves and walking in suspicion. / We confess having erected barriers and shields, opting for looking good in our own eyes and in the eyes of others.  We took on a shield from a false Jesus so that we tried to work up our own faith and not hear Your Word. Father, we let Satan’ arrows attack and then blame You because we would not use Your Word.  We were obeying our emotions and listening to soulish advice that left us open to attack. / We confess that we have put on false armor, using armor Satan gave us to stand against You.  We let our head be covered in lies and deceit, our ears blocked from hearing Your, our eyes prevented from seeing You.  Our heart has been covered in brittle clay, our tongues speaking guilt and shame into our soul.  Our belt is useless: it causes us to trip over our clothes and fall.  Doctrines of demons creep into our lives.  Our own words call us unrighteous.  We have an open mind to prayers of witchcraft and have a need to make wishes and a desire to mope around, claiming we don’t have a life.  Yet Jesus is our Life.  Our false armor has allowed so much wounding from Satan that we have dredged up the negative past.  We repent of wearing the false armor and ask You, Father, to clothe us in Your armor. / We confess that we have let false identity have a place in our lives.  We see ourselves running from You, not to You.  We expect bad things from you so that we walk in insecurity, unworthiness, poverty, fear, gluttony, and even sexual perversion.  Instead of the identity you gave us, Father, we have accepted a wrong identity in the movies, TV and even teachers that we have listened to, often adopting the victim role rather than the role of conqueror You gave us. / We have let a false destiny into our lives to be our guide.  We have accepted curses, put-downs and false praise from authority figures and have thus not been able to receive Your love, Father. / We have allowed false purpose a foothold into our lives and have accepted Satan’s purpose (competition, contention, strife, frustration and burnout).  We have allowed ourselves to be affected by false purpose in others.  We reject these false purposes that have let a job, a paycheck, status, drugs or suffering to be our purpose.  We acknowledge our fear of failure, of the struggles and challenges and of rejection as well as our need for fantasy and avoidance in our life. Your grace is sufficient for us. / We confess that we have let betrayal have a foothold in our minds and emotions and have allowed us to join with cliques or false brethren.  They have spread gossip and lies against the Christians who sought to follow God and have corrupted us and caused internal torment, worry and insecurity. Bitterness, jealousy and confusion have caused waves of torment in our lives.  Striving for status has caused us to walk in fear of exposure rather than in Your strength. / False precepts (ideas) have flooded our minds with turmoil and uncertainty and Satan has used these to disturb our peace. We have let carnal, earthly ways of the world pollute us and deceive us.  We see the difficulty we have in learning, remembering and examining Your Word and the trouble we have in trusting Your and our fellow Christians. We confess the lack of love flowing through us and the fatigue we feel as false precepts work their cancerous way through our thoughts. / False concepts have entered our lives and have cause false pictures we have formed of You. False precepts have twisted the concepts or the whole picture.  We have accepted the world’s view of what sounds, looks and feels good.  We confess that overcoming and walking in freedom have been greatly hindered by these false concepts. / We have wanted Your revival so much that we have accepted a false revival that has brought us temporary, emotional highs and false light from the false Holy Spirit.  We have listened to the power of sin lead us to the gatherings, revival, altar calls and retreats that were not called by You.  We have accepted touches from the false Holy Spirit that did not change us or lead us to repentance. / We confess that a spirit of false peace has affected our thinking so that we think death, coma, drug-induced trances, drug-induced sleep, murdering our tormentors, sedation, involuntary quietness, deafness, even rejection syndromes, retreats not called by God and vacations to hide from life give us peace.


Father, we thank You for letting us recognize the areas of falseness in our lives.  We confess that our acceptance and participation in the falseness was wrong.  We confess all the areas of falseness in our lives (Name all the areas of falseness on the two sheets explaining falseness.  About half of the areas are given as an example above.) We reject the acceptance and past involvement in falseness we have had in our lives.  We repent for this falseness we have harbored and even for rejecting Your past warnings for being involved with them. We ask for Your hand, Father, upon our lives to bring the changes necessary in rejecting those areas of falseness we can remember now and all the areas the Holy Spirit may bring to remembrance from time to time.  When we see these areas of falseness, we choose to reject them in favor of Your Word.  We call for an infusion of Your truth in our mind and heart so that the damage that falseness causes can be healed and that Your Word can be alive in us.  We ask that Jesus be Divine Master of our lives.  We surrender our old brain patterns to Him for whatever adjustment is necessary in getting these false programs out of our lives.  We praise You, Father, for the freedom from the past falseness.  We reject all the demons that have created this falseness and all their hold over our lives.  We bind them up in chains of confusion, cut them off from all support and send them back to the pit, in Jesus’ name.  Thank You, Father, for this freedom. In Jesus’ name, Amen and Amen. (followed by communion.)