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Return to the Father's Heart
So the Earth Will Survive
Robert B. Scott

Return to the Father’s Heart

This crucial book will pave the way for the of coming Elijah of Malachi 4:5-6, who is prophesied to bring today’s absent fathers toward their neglected or jettisoned children and bring the heart of believers back to their Father in heaven. The book offers a solution to a pervasive problem among men today: their inability to forgive abusive fathers. This modern-day Elijah will “restore all things” (Mat. 17:11), including the true gospel of the Kingdom or Family of God, revealing the dangerous error of the grace revolution leading to the appearance of the man of lawlessness, an evil leader who will fight the second coming of Jesus. Click HERE to order your copy today!

Atonement and the Attacks Against Our Oneness


Atonement and the Attacks Against Our Oneness



We were looking at a possibility of having a congregation of 5 or so in BC for a while, and now we seem to be looking at a group of about the same in S.C. We asked Gerald what to start with in teaching a new congregation. God impressed upon him strongly to start with several messages on forgiveness, then to explain whose we are and who we are in Jesus, our godly identity, and finally the Sabbath, an open door to revelation and intimacy with God. Did you know that Atonement includes all three?

Joseph arose as if in a resurrection, rising from prison to the palace on the Day of Trumpets. He became a leader of Egypt, a king, on the same day Jesus came into the world to be a King, the day He would return to earth to be King over all the earth on this day.

Joseph being set in rulership over Egypt, which symbolized the world’s civilization, was a type of Jesus and those of us who are submissive to Him by fasting on this day rising to rule over the entire world. As Pharaoh put on him garments of fine linen in Genesis 41: 42, Jesus clothes us with fine linen, representing the coat of righteousness (Rev. 19:8). Pharaoh had his servants proclaim before Joseph, “Bow the knee!” (Gen. 41:43).

Every knee will eventually bow to Jesus. Surprisingly, this is the day even Satan bows the knee to us along with those he has deceived. God says, “I will make them bow down at your feet, and make them know that I have loved you” (Rev. 3:9). God says in Psalm 110:2 that Jesus will “rule in the midst of [His] enemies.” Jesus comes back amid deception and the attacks of His enemies. Shortly after He returns on Trumpets, He will stretch forth His strong scepter from Zion, ruling His enemies.

Trumpets symbolized us being born again into the glorious Family of God. When we accepted His name and His glory, we began to rule in the midst of our enemies. Our family often turns against us. The world is against us, and now in these last days the world hates us as never before. But we rule over the enemy Satan and his instruments, spiritual and physical. He’s trying to wear us down, but we can wear him down. Instead of him messing with our heads, today we dance on his head in celebration of our victory over him.

We don’t fast in sadness. We fast in celebration! We don’t sing, “Ding dong! The wicked witch is dead! We sing, “Satan the blood of Jesus is against you! You are defeated!” This is the reason Satan has convinced the vast majority of the Christian world to be cut off from God by not fasting on Atonement. They don’t take seriously Jesus’ words in Leviticus 23:29, “he shall be cut off from his people.”

I changed my nickname Bob back to Robert years ago, because Bob means “cut off.” Many in my circle of family and friends can’t get used to the new me. They call me Bob by habit and I have to reject the curse under my breath. But a new generation is arising that knows me as Robert [group of ladies passed me Sunday morning and one said, “You’re Robert.” I said yes. They must have been at the funeral where I was introduced with the family as Robert.]

I was cut off from prosperity in a big way in France. My nephew Robert was attacked with ax handles and feared for his life at 15 when the black backlash hit. He thought he would be drug to his death with a chain behind a pick up, but God rescued him from death when a car came on the dark road and the black boys fled. This is the day for freedom from traumas, so be thinking of what traumas you need release from.

We don’t have to cut off like the rest of the Christian world. We know that we are loved by our Father and are forgiven. So we forgive others, keeping us from being cut off from God. We become kings and priests who rule over Satan with Jesus. We know our identity as sons of glory, sons of our Father and brothers of Jesus. We know whose we are and who we are, and keeping the Sabbaths solidifies that identity and opens the door to greater intimacy and revelation.

We rejoice today that we aren’t cut off! We find wisdom, so we have a future and our hope will not be cut off (Prov. 23:18; 24:14). It’s Satan who will be cut off or cut down today, not us (Isa. 14:12). He will be thrust down to hell and then banished forever. “Indeed all who are intent on doing evil will be cut off” (Isa. 29:20). God declares He will cut you off from His people if you don’t keep Passover, Unleavened Bread, or the Sabbath (Num. 9:13; Ex. 12:15.19; 31:14). But God will show mercy to some, delaying His wrath, “in order not to cut you off” (Isa. 48:9).

We cut ourselves off from the world so we won’t be cut off in Babylon’s punishment (Jer. 51:6), fleeing from Babylon to the mountains of Bether or separation with and to Jesus (Song of Solomon 2:17). Jesus was cut off from the Father so we wouldn’t be cut off (Dan. 9:26). Attacks multiply these days, but those who harass the praisers will be cut off (Isa. 11:13). We praise Jesus today that Satan will be cut off forever, not us. Many Christians will be cut off from their Promised Land along with their fellow members of modern Israel in the US and Canada (1 Kings 9:7), only to be gathered when Jesus returns. We will inherit the land, the whole earth to rule with Jesus.

Our oneness with God is solidified on this day of At-one-ment, the day of reconciliation with God and the chasing of Satan out of our lives.  Continued ...

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